Hello fellow JJ fans!

It’s bee a while since we last held a project for our dearest Kim Jaejoong! Since both Jaejoong and us endured 21 months of separation (!!), we thought it would be great if we can do something special for Jaejoong and let him feel the ever strong and continued love and support of his overseas fans.

So, we ask for your help and participation on these projects:

1) 2017 Birthday Project: Welcome back Kim Jaejoong!

  • 2017 JJ Fan Union Participation – International fans of Jaejoong represent!
  • We’ll send well wishes on behalf of international fans (e.g. rice wreath, etc. depending on funds)

2) Welcome message for Jaejoong!

We need suggestions for short impactful welcoming message for Jaejoong. Please keep it a short 1 sentence message. 😉  We assure you you’ll be happy if your message is chosen.  Please comment below for your suggestions (deadline: January 9). 

3) Year-round support for Jaejoong’s activities

Excess funds, if any, will be used to send well wishes, promote Jaejoong’s activities, and provide support goods at events. It’s hard to know what the year has in store for us but we can certainly hope for and expect Jaejoong to have numerous activities (album, drama, concert, etc!).

Donation period

To carry out this project, we’re doing a donation drive from January 7 to January 15.

Donation Method

We accept donations via Paypal. Please go to https://www.paypal.com/ and make payments to: <TeamJaejoong@hotmail.com>

When donating, please remember to include:

1) The username you wish to be credited under (let us know if you want it under “anonymous”)
2) Your country


We will update here <http://aegyo.me/pjj> the (user)names of our donors and the amounts donated. After each expenditure, we will provide receipts, statement of funds and updates.

We are always transparent with our fund receipts and use.  Statement of funds is a public record:


Previous fund drives are recorded and published here:


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at <TeamJaejoong@hotmail.com>. You may also leave us a comment in this post.


    1. Doreen
      January 7, 2017

      Thank you for starting this project (^_^)
      I can’t offer that much money since I am a student with 2 chidren,
      but I hope with everybody’s donation, you will be able to collect much <3
      Greetings from Germany.


      • Ces
        January 8, 2017

        all contributions are very much appreciated. thank you ^^

    2. Random Person
      January 7, 2017

      Welcome message for Jaejoong:

      “You lived a difficult life in your 20s. Here is hoping for your most beautiful 30s full of happiness and rewards! :)”


      “Oppa you keep asking ‘What if I get married?’ and I want to say that I will be one of the fans who wishes happiness in whatever path you choose. Please just bless us with continuous amazing projects even after!~~~~”


      “Oppa please know you gained many new fans from your manly army look! Oppa was very good looking even in the army!”

    3. miree
      January 7, 2017

      Hi, here is my suggestion for the message 🙂

      Dear Jaejoong,

      happy 31st birthday (internationally) and also happy first month after the discharge. Had the past two years been difficult for you? We know how hard you had worked during those 21 months and we are very proud of you. Thank you for enduring hardships and pain, thank you for never giving up, thank you for coming back safe and sound to us, to those who had waited for you. There are tens of thousands of us all over the world and we are here for you whenever you need us. Do not be afraid to feel weakness, to express your fears, do not feel a need to conceal your real thoughts and feelings; please do not hide yourself, please be yourself and live the life the way you desire to. We will accept and support your every decision under one condition, you need to be happy; nothing else matters. No, there is actually another thing, you health. Please, always take care of yourself, do not neglect you body; do not neglect your voice. It is precious, a gift, do not forget that. It is beautiful as the rest of you; never forget that either.

      Lastly, thank you for existing.

      With love,
      you fans
      sorry for the length
      btw I’d love to donate but I’ve never used paypal (and I’d rather not to) is a direct bank transfer payment by any chance possible?

    4. anna liza p m
      January 8, 2017

      JJ, we met we meet again.
      Or: JJ, welcome back. We did not run away.
      Or: JJ, welcome back. There are NO eXes in this fanclub.
      Or: JJ, with you here we are back in Paradise.
      Or: JJ, you are my inspiration to strive and become a better person.
      Or: JJ, your healing voice dries my tears and brings me hope.
      Or: JJ, you are the joy in my life.

      Okidoki, these are a few short slogans I can think of in the middle of the night.
      Here there is no palpay. May I make a bank transfer?

    5. anna liza p m
      January 8, 2017

      Happy Birthday, JeJe. May you find your true love. May she love you with a sincere heart as much as we do. May she match your sense of humour and your sharp wit and may she love us, too at least a little bit.


      JeJe, you know what? The wait was a lot.
      We stayed; you were not betrayed
      Now, with JeJe back we are on track.
      You made us proud. You rose high above the crowd.
      And now, we rock and stay; there is no running away.
      Hip hip hurray for the soldier who is here to stay
      And spread his wings and reach the sky.

    6. Evangeline
      January 9, 2017

      Here is my suggestion:
      “Assa! Our Kim Jae Joong is back! “I wanna love you more…love you more..” (music note) Now is Good!^_^ #WelcomebackKimJaeJoong”

    7. zohar noy-meir
      January 15, 2017

      hi also donated forgot to put my couuntry Israel


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