PrinceJJ Staff Recruitment

If you’re thinking of applying for any position, please note that you should first satisfy the following 7 criteria:

1)    Jaejoong is your primary fandom or you’re a strongly Jaejoong-biased fan
2)    Must always consider Jaejoong’s reputation and well-being
3)    Must have strong desire to promote Jaejoong (but still remember that Jaejoong’s well-being matters more than retweets and post views)
4)    Have good judgment  (no matter how good the materials are (photos and videos); don’t post or promote if source is questionable)
5)    Have reliable internet access at home and a personal computer.
6)    Must be reliable and be able to work in a team.
7)    Must respect confidentiality.

Positions Available 


Duties: Post articles, photos, and videos to PrinceJJ’s website.

Requirements: Should be updated on latest Jaejoong news and be prompt in posting. Must have reasonable knowledge in sourcing out Jaejoong news and materials for posting or upload.


[Korean | Chinese | Japanese]

Duties: Translate news articles, tweets, fan accounts, videos and other fandom related material to English.

Requirements: Must be fluent in the language you will translate and good command of the English language. Detail oriented self-starter.

Web Developer

Duties: Web design of PrinceJJ

Requirements: Have good grasp of CSS. Experienced with wordpress.ORG and self-hosting. Must be organized and have tasteful sense of aesthetics.


Duties: Create banners for PrinceJJ’s website. Draw images and design templates for PrinceJJ’s exclusive use and branding.

Requirements: Good command of Photoshop or any other photo editing and drawing program. Ability to draw original artwork on the computer. Have good sense of aesthetics.

To Apply

★ Send in your applications to ★

Applicants for all positions need to fill out Part A.

Then, go on to Part B and answer the questions for the position you seek.

— Part A —

– Name you want to be addressed:
– Country or Time Zone:
– Email:
– Twitter Account:
– In the past and present, have you been involved with any other fansites? If yes, please list them and your level of involvement in each:

— Part B —


1)   For purposes of dividing team obligations, list the preferred hours or day you’ll be able to commit to PrinceJJ . You may use your local time or Korean Standard Time but please remember to indicate which one you’re using.

2)     Do you have any experience blogging or posting news? If yes, please list them.


1)     What language(s) can you translate?

  1. Korean
  2. Chinese
  3. Japanese

2)     Do you have experience translating?

  • After submitting your application, we will assign you something to translate so that we can gauge your ability.

Web Developer

1)     Please list websites that you’ve designed or have maintained in the past.

2)     Write down any other experiences that you’ve had that places you in a good position to help PrinceJJ make the next step forward with our website design and features.


Please provide samples of your artwork and computer graphics.