김재중 | ジェジュン | 金在中 | Kim Jaejoong
26 Jan 1986 (Registered) | 4 Febuary 1986 (Actual)
Gongju, Chuncheongnam-do, South Korea
180cm | 63Kg | O Blood type

SNS Accounts:  Twitter | Instagram | V-Live

Jaejoong as a Singer:


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– “I” First solo mini album released January 17, 2013

– One Kiss (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Mine (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– 내안 가득히 (There’s Only You) (Nae an gadeukhi)
– 나만의 위로 (Healing for Myself/My Only Comfort)”(Namanoe wiro) (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– All Alone (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)

-“Y” Repackaged first solo mini album released February 26, 2013

– “I” tracklist plus:
– Kiss B (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Only Love (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Instrumental version of “One Kiss” and “All Alone”

– “WWW” First full-length solo album released October 29, 2013

– Light / Brighter (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Don’t Walk Away (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Just Another Girl (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Butterfly (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Rotten Love (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Sunny Day
– Let the Rhythm Flow (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– I Said I’m Sorry (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Now Is Good (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– 9+1# (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Luvholic
– Modem Beat (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Paradise (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)

– “WWW” Repackaged first full-length solo album released January 20, 2014

– “WWW” tracklist plus:
– Heaven (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Keshou

– “NOX” second full-length solo album to be released February 12, 2016

– Good morning night (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– 서랍 (Drawer)
– Love you more
– Love you to death (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Good luck (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– 원망해요 (Blame) (Jaejoong as lyricist and composer)
– Welcome to my wild world
– Breathing (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– All that glitters (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– 다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만 (Meeting again, will meet again, but… (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– 그거 알아? You know what? (Jaejoong as lyricist)
– Run Away (Jaejoong as lyricist)

Solo Songs:

– Insa (Millionaire’s first love OST 2006)
– Footsteps (DBSK The 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Rising Sun’ 2006)
– Crying (DBSK The 2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O-Jung ban hap’ 2007)
– Maze (THSK 21st Japanese single ‘Keyword/Maze’ 2008)
– Keyword (THSK 21st Japanese single ‘Keyword/Maze’ 2008)
– Forgotten season (DBSK 4th album ‘Mirotic’ 2008)
– It’s only my world (DBSK The 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘Mirotic’ 2009)
– Love (Heaven’s postman OST 2009)
– For you (JYJ Thanksgiving live in Dome 2010)
– Still in love (JYJ ‘The Beginning’ 2010)
– For you it’s goodbye, to me it’s waiting (SKKS OST 2010)
– I will protect you (Protect the Boss OST 2011)
– Living like a dream (Dr. Jin OST 2012)
– Though I Hate It/ But I (Triangle OST 2014)
– Coincidence/Fluke (Triangle OST 2014)

Music Videos:

– Mine (title track: I)
– Just Another Girl (title track: WWW)
– Love You More (title track: NO.X)


– Kim Jaejoong First Solo Fanmeet Dec 2011 (Shanghai)
– Kim Jaejoong Solo Fanmeeting Feb 2012 (Turkey)
– Kim Jaejoong Solo Fanmeeting May 2012 (Taiwan)
– Kim Jaejoong Dr. Jin Solo Fanmeeting July 2012 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong 1st Asia Tour Fanmeeting 2012 (Nanjing, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)
– Kim Jaejoong “Your, My, Mine” 1st Solo Fanmeeting and Mini Concert January 2013 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong “Your, My, Mine” Solo Fanmeeting and Mini Concert 2013 Asia Tour (Bangkok, Shanghai, Hongkong,Nanjing, Taipei)
– Kim Jaejoong Fansign for “Y” Album March 2013 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong Grand Finale Live Concert and Fanmeeting (Yokohama)
– Kim Jaejoong Fansign for “WWW” Album November 2013 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong 1st Solo Album “WWW” Album Asia Tour November 2013- January 2014 (Seoul, Taipei, Nanjing, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya)
– Kim Jaejoong 1st Solo Album “WWW” Album Asia Tour and J-Party January 2014 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong 1st Solo Album Nationwide Tour January 2014 (Busan, Gwangju)
– Kim Jaejoong J-Party January 2015 (Seoul, Yokohama)
– Kim Jaejoong The Beginning of the End March 2015 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong 2016 Hologram Real Live Concert (Japan)
– Kim Jaejoong ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Seoul January 2017 (Seoul)
– Kim Jaejoong ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Japan February 2017 (Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Saitama)
– Kim Jaejoong ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert Asia Tour March – April 2017 (Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, Taiwan)



Jaejoong as an Actor:

jjraa jj 201404290907285_P362370762

Heaven's_Postman_poster jjsnnsoloposter-1 nnnlw7

– 천국의 우편 배달부 | Heaven’s Postman (2009) – as Shin Jaejun
– 素直になれなくて | Hard to say I love you (2010) – as Dr./ Park Seonsu
  14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Spring 2010 BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR
(Sunao  ni Narenakute)

– 보스를 지켜라 | Protect the Boss (2011) and Cha Muwon
  SBS NEW STAR AWARD 2011 (Protect the Boss)
– 닥터 진 | Dr Jin (2012) – as Kim Kyungtak
– 자칼이 온다 | Codename: Jackal (2012) – as Choi Hyun
–  트라이앵글 | Triangle (2014) – as Heo  Yeongdal/ Jang Dongchul
Korea Drama Awards TOP EXCELLENCE ACTOR AWARD 2014 (Triangle)
–  스파이 | Spy (2015) – as Kim Seonwoo

Jaejoong as a Musician:

– 사랑아 울지마 | Don’t Cry My Lover | DBSK 4th album ‘Mirotic’ Version C
(composer, lyricist)

– Kiss したまま、さよなら | As We Kissed Goodbye | THSK 3rd album ‘T’

– 忘れないで | Wasurenaide | THSK 4th album ‘The Secret Code’
(composer, lyricist)

– 9095 | THSK 4th album ‘The Secret Code’
(composer, arranger)

– 9096 | THSK 4th album ‘The Secret Code’
(composer, arranger)

– Colors, Melody and Harmony | JEJUNG&YUCHUN Colors (melody and harmony)/Shelter
(Composer, arranger)

– Shelter | JEJUNG&YUCHUN Colors (melody and harmony)/Shelter
(Composer, arranger)

– Still in Love | JYJ ‘The Beginning’

– Nine | JYJ ‘Their Rooms Our Story’
(composer, lyricist, arranger)

– Pierrot | JYJ ‘Their Rooms Our Story’
(composer, lyricist, arranger)

– I.D.S | JYJ ‘Their Rooms Our Story’
(composer, lyricist)

– I want to protect you | Protect the Boss OST

– In heaven | JYJ ‘In heaven’
(composer, lyricist)

– Get out | JYJ ‘In heaven’
(composer, lyricist, arranger)

– Boy’s letter | JYJ ‘In heaven’

(composer, producer, lyricist)

– Living like a dream | Dr. Jin OST

– Till the sun rises | Baek Seung Heon Debut Single

– On My Mind | M.Pire  Debut Album

– Though I Hate It/But I | Triangle OST

– Coincidence/Fluke | Triangle OST

– Let Me See/Baboboy/Dear J/Let Me See |JYJ Just Us Album

Jaejoong as a Director

– Asian stops in JYJ Worldwide Concert Tour 2011
– 1st GALA show of Son YeonJae 2011

Jaejoong as an Entrepreneur

– Bum’s Story (Bum’s, Bum’s Friends & Bum’s Akasaka)
– Coffee Cojjee
-Moldir Korea
– Cafe Jholic
– Holic J Bar

Jaejoong as a Soldier

– March 31, 2015 to December 30, 2016
– 1st place award in Basic Training (received at Graduation Ceremony)
– Designated as Special Class Soldier (the only one in his unit)


Other Works:

– Taegoon ‘Call Me’ PV 2009
– INTERMODULATION Photobook 2010
– Ayumi Hamasaki ‘Blossom’ PV 2010
– ELLE movie: Killer J 2011
– ELLE photoshoot in India 2012
– Baek Seung Heon ‘Till the sun rises’ MV 2012
– STAR1: Jaejoong for STAR1 Magazine
– ESQUIRE: Jaejoong for Esquire Korea
– NYLON: Jaejoong for Nylon Korea
– BNT:  Jaejoong in Vienna, Austria
– COSMOPOLITAN: Jaejoong in Brisbane, Australia

photo credit: CONG (congkr)

Group Activities:

TVXQ | 東方神起:
– 2006 to 2009

– The… 2010
– The beginning 2010
– JYJ Music essay: Their rooms 2011
– In heaven 2011
– JYJ Just Us 2014

– Thanksgiving Live in Dome 2010
– JYJ The Beginning Showcase tour Asia & USA 2010
– JYJ Worldwide in Seoul 2010
– JYJ charity concert in Japan 2011
– JYJ World tour 2011 (Asia + USA)
– JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan 2011
– JYJ World tour 2011 (Europe + South America)
– JYJ Return of the King 2014 (Seoul + Japan)



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