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Kim Jaejoong: Somewhere between age 3 and 30
Analysis of this man’s gap (aka Master of Poses)

Man with a twist – Kim Jaejoong !
Cutesy 3 year-old JJ
Sexy 30 year-old JJ
Let’s analyze this gap in JJ’s charms


Start with cute Kim Jaejoong
Sitting pose alone throws bombs at our hearts

And add a wink on top of it!
Is this baby gifted in flirting or what?!

Lovely facial expression
Long sleeves
Hands folded together

Undone shoelace
Wearing shoes pushed down
All nano details are charming

Thought we could move on to 30 year-old Kim Jaejoong at this point!

Hey baby JJ, please be careful not to fall down!

What happened to Kim Jaejoong that day?! He looks lovely from head to toe…

All the staff members are amazed at ever intensifying JJ’s handsomeness
This is the best work environment or what! Truly a cute 3 yr-old!

Walking protein doll Kim Jaejoong for sale?!
May I order 10?
no no 100???

Is this the right way to make finger hearts?

Or this?

Or this?

Sigh… too difficult…

I hear people falling for JJ already but I will show you 30 yr-old Kim Jaejoong coz today’s theme is JJ’s gap!

Watch JJ showering hearts before you move on

We can talk about Kim Jaejoong ‘s sexiness all night long and still be short of time… yet, his sexiness starts at the end of his sleeve

Looks charismatic in dressing room at L’OFFICIEL Hommes pictorial shoot!
Concept: languishly sexy Kim Jaejoong
We can take that!!!


Bathroom+Bathtub + Kim Jaejoong = Nosebleed… Tell me I’m not the only one…

Unkempt hair and dewy eyes make my heart go wild…!

We can’t skip on Kim Jaejoong ‘s playful side!

Hey hey hey, that’s a shower head
3 year-old JJ pops out if we look away for a second

If I wear this as an everyday wear, I’ll get chili stain all over it

 Ok, let’s resume the photo shoot

Kim Jaejoong lying down… what can be sexier than that? 30 year-old JJ! Sexiness of a mature man

Is this true? No photoshop at all? Kim Jaejoong is lethal, handsome from every angle… I told you …

B cut~

Kim Jaejoong sitting on bathtub now! I love the stylist for leaving a few buttons open But then …

…3 or 1 yr-old beagle JJ doesn’t waste opportunity to play

Kim Jaejoong is just looking at the mirror and how can his glance be this sensuous?

And he winks? This life of mine was a good one

Can’t stay long as sexy 30 yr-old JJ

As soon as camera’s turned off, 3 year old Kim Jaejoong goes right back!

Excited 3 yr-old JJ looks into the telescope

We should show more of 30 yr-old JJ’s sexiness! The chiseled body! What more can I add here?

Brace yourself! It gets more dangerous for cardiovascular health here!

Going to bedside! Personally, pinnacle of sexiness is languid

Am I doing well?

Time to get on the bed now!

Photographer shows him the poses he wants.

Oh, this? Ok!

Im the master of poses!

Neckline + jawline +body line = PERFECT!

Lethal sexy Kim Jaejoong was successful at stealing my heart again today

Last bonus! What does a wink mean to Kim Jaejoong ?

So which one is your pick? 3 or 30 yr-old JJ?

Be sure to check out pictorial behind the scene films!

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Source: CJeS Naver Blog
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: PrinceJJ


  1. pippi0718
    April 30, 2017

    Thanks for sharing
    JJ is even more charming than before after serving the army.

  2. Gennie
    May 1, 2017

    Thanks a lot…JJ is an inspiration! An Angel looking face with a good heart❤ Stay pretty and healthy our lovely Jaejoong…we love u very much…