[Other SNS] Kim Jaejoong’s Photos from ‘The Rebirth of J’ Asia Tour in Taiwan + 7 Charming Points

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We start by going over behind the scenes at the last concert stop, Taiwan, then

analyze Kim Jaejoong’s 7 charming points.


Taiwan Concert Behind the Scenes

Needless to say… he is so handsome. This is becoming too redundant, my mouth hurts. Flower Jaejoong

First, Kim Jaejoong did a video interview with a Taiwan media. MC Ken kept the interview go very smooth. Here is a memorable shot with him. Thank you.

Is this how this guy Kim Jaejoong enjoys solitude?

Not.. really… Kim Jaejoong is just posing for his interview photo Model force, look at his proportion, WOW

Carefully autographing

BTW, Kim Jaejoong has been worrying about something since morning of April 1

 Kim Jaejoong even practiced collapsing on floor.  What is this special event he prepared? Hold on till the end to find out.

Let’s make tonight’s event successful!

Kim Jaejoong heats up the venue with Good Morning Night as usual.

Kim Jaejoong wiped his sweat off and …

all of sudden..

Check out the video:

After the event, Jaejoong apologized sincerely to fans who were worried “Did you think it was real?”

Once the event was over, Jaejoong poured out all the energy he had left for fans who shouted, “One more time!” So cute

Final shot with the band members who had been with Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour for last 3 month “Good job everyone!”

End of Taiwan Behind the Scenes!

7 Charming Points of Kim Jaejoong start!

1. Return of the King

Preparing for the day such as tying shoes.

Heart always flutters during rehearsals before meeting fans.

Kim Jaejoong pays extra attention to detail during every rehearsal

Here we go!

Halo behind Kim Jaejoong.

 Whenever JJ walks out on stage, our hearts start fluttering, we get so emotional

Kim Jaejoong always do his best on stage not withholding anything back! This is true return of king ! “Thank you for waiting for me for 2 years”

2. Baby Jaejoong

Let’s see how polarizing his charms are!

Reasons why he is called BabyJJ, 3-yr-old JJ, 1-yr-old JJ, even: baby skin, pouty lips

Drinks water using straws always, because Kim Jaejoong is 3 years old

The sleeves must cover his hands just a little

3. Sexiness

 Kim Jaejoong’s undisputed number one charm is his sexiness!

Time to meet JJ armored with sexiness after BabyJJ


Could you let your leg down for a second?

Yes, that’s it! That’s what I wanted! His covered skin and fine muscles

How sexy Kim Jaejoong is on stage! People say men look sexy when working hard!

JJ’s sexiness is on its own class! Be aware of nosebleed/heart thump

We are melting at Kim Jaejoong ‘s wink

4. Professionalism

Checks all details of interview script Rehearsal?

He checks stage floor, sound and all the movement lines

I’ll come back after another great performance today!

He stops momentarily for photo

Cheer for Kim Jaejoong for 15 concerts in 9 cities.

5. Fool for his fan

Kim Jaejoong is famous for his love for fans

This tour became more unforgettable because he sang I’ll Protect You with fans.

Kim Jaejoong wears jacket fans picked for him. This is truly special fan service.

Kim Jaejoong sat on stage floor because of singing Good Morning Night too many times but he keeps going at fans’ One More Time’ chant

Kim Jaejoong also sheds tears at fans’ surprise event.

He expresses his appreciation for fans by bowing deeply and really long

I Love you everyone.

6. Global Star

Before Thailand press conference Flower Bouquet for Kim Jaejoong

Shopping mall filled with people who came to see Jaejoong’s Power of Global Star

Media frenzy followed him at every city Kim Jaejoong visited

Autograph requests also

Banners written in Korean by overseas fans filled with love

Fans who fill the concert venue are proof that Kim Jaejoong is a global star, right?

7. V-LIVE App Expert

Kim Jaejoong started using V-Live only 3 months ago after discharge but became an expert!

He can’t stop smiling reading fans’ comments

This is Macau.  Kim Jaejoongstarted V-LIVE by sharing the scenery with fans

He is expert at selfie sticks he goes on elevator with ease and cart too

Kim Jaejoong gives tour of stage for fans waiting

and doesn’t forget to introduce his band. You are a true master of V-LIVE

The tour is over … (cry)

 Go watch the Asia Tour ‘The Rebirth of J’ Behind Film

We’ve only just begun!! “I thank fans who stayed with me last 3 months” #김재중 Please look forward to even better JJ’s return!

Source: CJeS Naver
Translated by: @Crystalmoon0213

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