[NEWS RECAP] 170404 Kim Jaejoong Visits Fan In Coma At Hospital

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Note: News of Jaejoong’s visit and donation to the fan and her family were done in secret** that even his own agency initially didn’t know the exact amount of his donation.  The news was revealed via SNS in Thailand,  that was then reported by local Thai media then the Korean media.

**We’re posting this to share facts in case any misinformation spread regarding the revelation of Jaejoong’s good deed.

KBS Morning News Report Excerpt (Via @crystalmoon0213):

– Kim Jaejoong’s good deed came to be known via Thailand SNS photo, then local media reported it

– The patient is an avid fan of Kim Jaejoong. She has been attending his concerts

– He visited her at the hospital as soon as he returned from an overseas concert and donated 20 million won (US$18,000)

– Kim Jaejoong reportedly said “My heart ached because my fan was in adifficult situation.  I just wanted to help”

JYJ Kim Jaejoong visited a fan in currently hospitalized in critical condition

The article below appeared on the Thai magazine The Bridges Magazine (Translated by Lookkaew_SK)

Kim Jaejoong (JYJ) visited Ms. Raphiphorn Nasaarn, nicknamed Min, who is still in critical condition yesterday at a hospital in South Korea. Jaejoong held her hands and prayed for her quick recovery. He donated 20 million won (approximately 650,000 THB) to her father, Mr. Theerapong Nasaarn, and visited her at the hospital for 20 minutes.

Min likes k-pop and is an avid fan of JYJ, especially Kim Jaejoong. When Jaejoong held a concert in Bangkok last March, she also attended. Kim Jaejoong heard of the news about one of his fans who collapsed and fell into a coma while traveling in South Korea from a Thai friend and from Korean Entertainment Management Association. He visited her the day after he flew back from the Taiwan stop of his Asia tour concert.

According to Mr. Lee Ilwoo, the director of Korea Entertainment Management Association who made the visit with Jaejoong, he said that Kim Jaejoong and his fellow JYJ members did not want to let the Korean press/reporters know of the visit. Mr. Lee expressed that Kim Jaejoong said, “It’s possible for him become a singer because of his fans”. He also said without his fans, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He said ‘I just wanted to help my fan. That’s all'”.

Kim Jaejoong took a photo with her and told her father to please give the photo to his daughter when she regains consciousness.

Related News and Information (repetitive information omitted):

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Visits Fan In Coma At Hospital And Offers To Cover Medical Fees

She is said to have been a fan of Kim Jaejoong since he was a member of TVXQ, and even attended his concert in Bangkok, Thailand in March. C-JeS Entertainment explained, “Kim Jaejoong returned to Korea on April 2 after the end of his Asia tour. He was notified of the fan’s current condition, and visited her on April 3. Hearing that the family was struggling to pay her medical fees, Kim Jaejoong donated 20 million won (approximately $17,700) to the family.”

His agency also added, “Kim Jaejoong notified us that he had made the donation to help pay for her medical fees, but did not specify an exact amount. He said he had given a small donation, and we later learned that it was 20 million won.” (Source:  Soompi)


[Star News via Daum] Kim Jaejoong visits fan at hospital on day returning from overseas/Donates 20 million Won on spot without telling anyone (Translated by: @crystalmoon0213)

A CJeS representative added, “Kim Jaejoong came back to Korea on Sunday after he finished his Taiwan concert. Upon hearing the story of a Thai fan’s dire situation, Kim Jaejoong went to visit her at the hospital right away on that day. He found out that her family was facing financial difficulties due to the hospital fee and donated on the spot to help out.

The representative continued, “Kim Jaejoong didn’t even tell the agency exactly how much he donated. He just said a little to help.  We later confirmed he donated 20 million won for her recovery“.

The fan’s parents shared Kim Jaejoong’s story to the Thai media and the Thai press also reported this fact.

Korean Netizen Reactions & Comments (via Koreannetizen blogspot):

1. [+5668, -159] Kim Jae Joong so cool! I pray for her recovery

2. [+4273, -126] Waa his love for fans is so amazing

3. [+3263, -108] His heart is so pretty

4. [+2740, -113] He is a real man, so cool

6. [+620, -31] Even for rich people, donation is not an easy thing. p

7. [+548, -24] Waa daebak, i see Kim Jae Joong in a new light. . Fast recovery for the fan

8. [+527, -27] Yes it is not for Korean, so what. . Donation is still a thing to be praised

9. [+470, -24] He did a great thing

10. [+459, -28] He originally looks handsome. With this, he looks more handsome than before. . the best !!

Drama staff comment (on the same article):

“As a staff member of his past drama series, what’s best about Kim Jaejoong was his personality” (x)

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