[RECAP] 170318 Jaejoong’s “Rebirth of J in Thailand” Concert

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JJ: “I think Thailand suits color Gold. So I myself suggested to pick the gold jacket for the Thailand concert.”


JJ: “I came to Thailand 1 day earlier coz I wanted to enjoy Thai food much. So as u see, my face looks puffy. You have a lot of nice food here!”

TN: Jaejoong got the scar from riding a rodeo. He enjoyed it too much that he stayed mounted for 37 secs and didnt notice the scar immediately.

Fan Project: Thai fans prepared spelled out ” Welcome Back KJJ” with banners across the back section of the arena.

JJ: You prepared this project. Did you come up with it by yourselves? How come none of you didnt make any mistake

JJ: Everyone, your arms must hurt so please put them down now.

Dress Code:

T/N: Instead of watching dress code live, we took pictures of fans wearing costume and picked some *shows the pictures on screen*

JJ: “Oh you came here all the way from Vietnam. Sorry that I could not visit VN for my tour. Hope you enjoy your trip in TH.”

JJ: After Vietnam, Myanmar fan was spotted  so Jaejoong asked how did you come to TH? (Fan said “by airplane”)

T/N: Jaejoong mistook a female fan as a male fan because of her wig!?  So he politely apologized.

JJ: “I’ll take it (elephant costume) home and post a picture of myself wearing it to my SNS. It’s my concert not fanmeet.  Thanks for preparing so well”


Good Morning Night/ Good Morning J:

JJ: After Good Morning Night,  I found the Korean word that foreigners say so fluently through my concert tour. That is 한번 더 (Han bon do; trans: one more time).”


JJ: “Are you not feeling hot? How many times do you want more? 10? Oh I won’t! There’s one fan who honestly said ‘2’.  Okay I will go for 3 times more straight without cutting off. First round, I will lip sync. Only you will sing Good Morning J. Then second round, I will sing it with you. Okay?”

JJ: JJ: Are you not feeling hot now?
Fans: Noooo!!.One more time!!!
JJ: I feel hot though?

T/N: JJ said he feels hot so fans shout ”take off your jacket’ .  He said cant~~ and tried to zip up his jacket but failed.

JJ: In how many year are we meeting again? 4 years? Already? Ah 4 after my solo concert, 3 yrs after JYJ concert? Thank you so much for waiting.

JJ: To be very honest, I thought there are many fans in Thailand I but did not expect these many people would come to my concert.

JJ: As my enlistment finished, I’ll try to work harder& live young. I want to spend my 30s as if I’m in 20s. So I want you to live young too. Since Thailand is a very hot country, I want u to protect yourselves from UV rays (to live long & young). Please put on sun screen well, okay (audience laughs) ?

T/N: Butterfly replaced Love You More in the set list specially for Thailand.

JJ: “First time to have Butterfly performance in Asia tour. I usually tend not to include it in set list because I feel dying when singing it”

Fan Project: Hand banner “I will always be here” as I’ll Protect You started.

JJ: Eh… When will I have a chance to come back? If you guys invite me, I will be back as fast as possible. I promise.

JJ: If I have a concert & sing without u it can’t proceed. This concert was not what I made. It was made by you all. Are u gonna ask for my concert again?  I promise I will come back soon if you “will always be here”. You know what (hand banner) you are holding now means, right?

JJ: See you soon! I was so happy during the concert! Kop kun kap (Thai for Thank You)!


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Credit: @Jaetaku, noonygirly, lllerinarylll, dearmykjj, rinmaze
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