[ARTICLE] Concert Band Members Talks About Jaejoong’s Charms: Huge Star but Still Down to Earth

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The band members who have been performing together with Jaejoong at his concert tours talked about the charms of Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong sold out 10,000 concert tickets in Seoul in just one minute,  and held 9 concerts in 4 cities in Japan for over 100,000 enthusiastic fans, proving his hot popularity in Asia. A concert band member commented, “There’s no question about his unmatched ticket power. He filled arenas in Japan right after his hiatus.  I was aware of his popularity but I felt his powerful influence first-hand after I saw the countless fans fill the huge venues in and out of Korea. ”

They also commented on Kim Jaejoong’s everyday usual personality, “He is a huge star but is such a down-to-earth type of person.  He is so friendly and cares for everyone who works with him. He makes eye contact with each member of the band on stage as he sings.  I was so amazed by this.

I’ve worked with a lot of various artists, but Kim Jaejoong is the first artist I’ve seen who can both sing well and perform well at the same time.  I realized, as I toured with him, that he tried so hard to make this perfection possible.  He sang all songs live , never lowering the key.  He practiced over and over during rehearsals to sing the songs in the original key.  I was truly impressed.  He filled the huge stage by himself. Singing 20 or so songs, all in high key, for 2 to 3 days straight every time without any issues, was simply awesome.

In addition, I also realized how much effort Kim Jaejoong puts into his concerts beside the music, when we saw him learning jokes and popular gags in local dialects in order to better communicate with fans in the middle of his performances.  He is flawless in leading the whole concert alone – he is a thoroughly prepared singer inside and out. He treats his fans with sincerity and identifies with them.  He is not just a celebrity but also someone who seem to have created a bond with his fans through various musical experiments.  

Kim Jaejoong is expected to continue to be loved owing to his endless efforts for aiming for a perfect performance, to his friendly personality, his care for his fans and building a bond with them.

Kim Jaejoong will resume his concert tour starting in Hong Kong at AsiaWorld Expo on March 11th, then in Thailand, Macau and Taiwan.

Source: OSEN via Naver News
Translated by: @crystalmoon0213
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    March 8, 2017

    Wow! That’s great news..Kim Jaejoong could really captured the heart of so many people because of his good personality,it goes saying..” what’s inside, shows outside”..a good heart with a good looks!