[TRANS] Quotes from Kim Jaejoong’s Ments During Seoul and Japan Tour

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Kim Jaejoong’s Words
(Feat.  Seoul, Japan Tour)

Everyone, thanks to you, I feel so alive.

This moment here is magical.

2017.01.21 Seoul Concert

I’ve shown you a lot of the cool side of me so far,

From now on, I will show you a little more of the honest side of me.

2017.01.21 Seoul Concert

I don`t want to say goodbye,

but think that there will be a next time for us…

because we’ll be walking together again.

2017.01.21 Seoul Concert

Even if I haven’t seen everyone of you in the past 2 years,

I feel like I just met you yesterday and then today

because of all the energy I received from you. 

2017.02.07 Yokohama Concert


In this space where we`re together,

be passionate and enjoy as usual.

2017.02.07 Yokohama Concert

Everyone that I see from this stage

is very beautiful. 

2017.02.09 Yokohama Concert

“Some fans shouted at me, “I`m addicted to Jaejoong”.

I appreciate the love that I receive from all of you,

and yesterday,  at the moment when I heard those words, that made my heart flutter.  

2017.02.07 Yokohama Concert


I don`t know how long I can sing,

but doing this with everyone,

I want to spend the rest of my life singing.

2017.02.07 Yokohama Concert


I`m truly happy

that I have everyone singing like this by my side.

2017.02.07 Yokohama Concert

No matter what happens, I won`t give up,

and I`ll work harder.

2017.02.22 Nagoya Concert

I was moved at the moment when I heard all of your voices became one.

I`m a happy guy that I can feel something like this.

2017.02.26 Saitama Encore Concert

I look forward to how we`d turn out to be in 5 years, 10 years later.

2017.02.26 Saitama Encore Concert


Source: Kakao – Sweet Jaejoong
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Shared by: PrinceJJ