[VIDEO + TRANS] 170227 JYJ Japan: Jaejoong’s Appreciation Message

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Jaejoong’s message posted at JYJ Japan website
Translated by @Angel33Wing

Everyone, ah~ today, I just finished last day of concert at Saitama…

Ah…yeah, I went around starting from Yokohama to Osaka, Nagoya, and all the way to Saitama, for a total of 9 locations ( T/N:  I think JJ meant 9 times or 9 concerts ).

After I finished serving in the military, I was surprised to find out that so many of people were waiting for me for  2 years…

Though, honestly…More than worrying about my own physical status…I was looking forward to seeing you guys as soon as possible, and receiving your hot energy to feel better.

Though.. well.. I couldn’t see you for 2 long years, huh? I wanted to see you soon and I wanted to look at your faces right in front of me. I was so happy to be able to see all of your faces.  How did you all feel?

Well, although this live concert is over now, please wait for me till I can see you next time.
I will do my best, so please stay healthy, all of you~

Translation credit: @Angel33Wing
Video upload: reico126
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