[ENG SUB + TRANS] 170226 Jaejoong’s Last Ment at Saitama Arena

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TRANSLATION by @Angel33Wing

2/26/2017 Saitama Super Arena
Last talk after the double encore

Yeah…Thank you

Fan: One more time

One more time? I want to do but…
Japan live concerts are finished now….
Yeah… It`s over.. It`s over, but
Well, yeah.. Like I said earlier, I feel like I can return soon.
I can definitely come back
Yeah.. that`s true, and I can meet you all again..

Fan: We`ll protect you!

Please protect me
I`ll protect you.
Please protect me.

Ah..And..I was really happy to have 9th live concerts today, and..
You all also had happy time, right? Right?

Ah…I`ve been to Japan many times, but It`s been a while…
I could experience various things…

Hmm~ We can share this kind of same love as always
And I want you to feel that again, and I want
this hot burning flame of love to last forever

I think I also said this yesterday..
I said many times in Yokohama, but this isn`t a talk to make you laugh.. Seriously..
100 years…Let`s have a long life!

Let`s live for long long time!

Right? Life is such a short time and not enough..

I had a lot of hard time up till now..
Well… Several years were like that..
Only that may remain in my bitter memories…
Should I put it like it`s all because of the bitter memories?
Well, everyone says they have waves (hardships) in their lives..
It was a quite big wave and I did overcome..

And after that..I believe that the time
we will feel only happiness will definitely come.
Well…I`m still young..young so…

The memory of hardship I experienced in my 20`s
will be replaced again with our new happy times…

It`s difficult… really…

Well, I want to tell everyone 100% honestly …honestly… Well…I mean to tell all of
what`s in my mind…
but there are many things I`m not allowed to tell you ..

Well..while drinking alcohols like this with everyone here ..haha

Well.. there are many things I can`t tell you though..
Even though I can`t tell you, I think there are many people
who have understanding of me though…
There might be people who recently got to know me
and didn`t know me around that time..
Well.. even I can forget the past, I definitely have
something in my past that I shouldn`t forget..
And..for those who liked me for the past 10 years
And… for those who got to know me this year and last year..
They are really my important acquaintances right now
Well.. My 13 years-old past is also very important..
Yeah..I always I want to cherish the present and tomorrow though…
I honestly look forward to how we will
become like in 5 or 10 years in the future

I also want to do my best from now on..
Even though I trouble you a lot, if you continuously support me,
I will sing for more than 10 years.. or 100 years..

I will be counting on you!
Thank you very much for today!

Thank you very much!

Translation and Subbed Video Credit: @Angel33Wing
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