[RECAP] 170225-26 ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Saitama

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DAY 2:  Feb 26

JJ: Everyone is on high energy today. Will today be good? Of course!

JJ: It’s sad that today is the last Live in Japan. Though we didn’t originally have yesterday and today (in the Japan Tour schedule), but thanks to everyone Encore Concert happened.

JJ: I am about to change now. A bit embarrassed to do it in front of you. I don’t like to do this.
Fans: ehhh
JJ: who do you think I am?!Lol

JJ: I lost about 16 kgs in 60 days.

JJ: it’s not embarrassing to wear sparkly costumes because a lot of fans today are wearing flashy clothes as well.

Halloween theme in Saitama:

JJ: Yesterday is 3.5 hours? I have to do 3.5 hours today as well.

JJ: At about 4:30 pm, people went to the toilet. I also did. It’s refreshing. Did you wash your hands?

JJ: I lost a tooth cos I hit my teeth with my mic.
T/N: He’s been hitting his teeth with the mic for so long, didn’t mean he lost a tooth this live tour.

JJ: I really got good info before the show today: “Metcha Ikemen” (very handsome). I only listen to good feedback.

JJ: I heard that Jun.K from 2 pm fell and got injured in the concert. I hope that he is safe.

JJ: Day before yesterday, I felt something is itchy on my face. Seems like an acne appeared in the middle of the night. Can you see it? No?

JJ: I think if you drink 3-4 cups of whiskey before a live, the body condition will be better. I didn’t drink yesterday. But today is the last day, so I get drunk for everyone. (lol)

JJ: When everyone jumps, the equipment at the venue shakes. So please jump. Let’s break the concert venue.

JJ: Cute? I am happy when people say it even if i’m in my 30s. But if in my 40s it will be a bit awkward to say i’m cute.

JJ: next song.
Fans: ehh
JJ: huh? No? A bit longer?
Fans: a bit more (fans want JJ to talk)
JJ: but there are still a lot (of parts)left!

JJ: It’s important to make people laugh but I have to go to the next song. It will be interesting if I can talk for 30 mins. Yes, next 2 songs.

JJ: The next song is…
Fans: ehhh
JJ: I will continue with the next song and I want to let you hear it. Please listen to it~

JJ: My friends say that even Japanese musicians do not have ments as long as this.

T/N:Today the camera is not good (equipment problem) and can’t show JJ clearly.
JJ: sorry my aura is strong to be shown (lol)
T/N: I think because of the equipment problem, JJ can’t also see clearly the messages from the fans’ board

JJ: My dream is to live a happy life everyday and forever.

T/N: A fan requested Color: Melody and Harmony.  JJ sang some parts.

T/N:  JJ kissed the screen.  Lots of fans went crazy when JJ kissed the screen.
JJ: you’d like me to throw a kiss? Recently I can’t do it since I’m shy. (T/N: But while he is saying that, he kissed the screen)

JJ: somehow I feel lonely today and I feel weird. I’ve been so happy to be able to come so many times. I feel like we can meet again.

VTR: (JJ) I was a bit scared cos it’s been a long time and I don’t know what to do if you will not come to the Lives but I’m glad so many came.

Good Morning Night/J:

JJ is singing while sitting on stage. JJ: tired. Pls give me time to rest a little.

JJ: Am I rehearsing before the Live? it is not fun to rehearse “good morning night” alone. It’s fun to do it with everyone.

JJ: I am ok to do it 1 more time but it might be hard for the band.
(Drum roll?) Band seems ok.

JJ: I caught a cold so I have a runny nose.

JJ: One song can’t be 30 minutes. It’s almost the same time as having 4 or 5 songs finished.

JJ: pls enjoy the last 2 songs. I will wait backstage to hear everyone’s voice (for encore).

JJ: (the shout for encore) seems a bit louder than usual. I had goosebumps backstage when I heard it.

JJ: i’m having difficult time now. cos the ash (from the firework?) entered my throat. Live is ending as well

JJ: People usually eat delicious food when the Live is over, right? I only ate salad yesterday because of the Live today. If you eat a lot, you can’t drink. I will eat a lot starting tomorrow.

JJ: I’d like to do a Zepp tour (T/N: Zepp are small concert venues and are located around JP.)

JJ: Fans from the start will understand, but for new fans may think that this live is really done by a foreigner?! I’m trying my best.

JJ: Eveyone is my amore.

T/N: JJ drank water before throwing kisses.
JJ: everyone can’t feel but my lip is mochi mochi (squishy?)

JJ: Sarangheyo. I’m a bit shy to say it in Japanese.

JJ: Today is the last day. I finished (the live). I feel like I can come back soon. I will see you again.

JJ: It’s hard. Really. I want to say 100% of my feelings, from my heart, but there are things I can’t say. I think there are lots of things to understand even without saying. i have a past that I never forget. There are those who liked me from 10 years ago and there are those who liked me last year. Let’s look forward to seeing each other 5, 10 years from now. i will work hard. Can I please count on you (yoroshiku onegaishimasu)?

T/N: JJ appeared again (after the concert proper)

JJ shouted without mic: thank you! everyone! Let’s make a promise. See you again!

DAY 1:  Feb 25

JJ: I tried dyeing my hair today. How is it?
Fans: kakkoii (cool)

T/N: JJ’s Saitama jacket is gold.

JJ: I am nervous today. Maybe because it is encore concert? I feel like it’s my first live in Japan.
JJ: Do you know why I go blond every Live? Coz I want to shine  But today, the jacket is shining~~

JJ: Since I started 1 hour today, I think I can make the Live 1 hour longer

JJ: Everyone is amore for me.
JJ: Everyone on the 2nd floor, everyone at the back, you are my amore ~

JJ: I talked for so long. When I went to an Exile Live a long time ago, there’s no ment. I thought it was cool.
JJ: It seemed cold when the venue is silent, isn’t it? It’s fun when we have this talk, right? I like having ment in the gaps bet songs.  Please get used to this for 100 years (meaning he’LL always have ments during Lives)

JJ: I completely forgot the next song
Fans: Ehhhh
JJ: Don’t say Ehhh. Please believe in your Jejung (that he forgot)

Dress Code:

JJ: I tried changing the dress code for today. Halloween cos I didnt get to experience halloween when I was in the military.

T/N: A fan came from Sendai and she rode the Shinkansen (bullet train).
JJ: I want to go to Sendai. I really want to eat beef (specifically cow tongue! I will go!

JJ: Where are you from? Myanmar? Everyone in Myanmar thank you so much. Someday, I want to go there.

JJ: are you really 50 years old? You look young.
JJ: (With a cute voice) I am still 20 years old

JJ: The venue is a pharmacy. When my condition is not good, I will get better if I stand on stage.

Board: I want to see JJ dance
JJ: I will dance if I’m in a group. In 5 years? Sexy dance? Pls don’t let me do it.

Board: I would like to show red ocean to JJ
JJ: you are already showing me.

T/N: There’s a couple and the BF board shows: Pls do not take her away. The venue and JJ exploded with laughter.


JJ’s Video message changed. His impression of the Japan tour so far.

VTR: I missed seeing you for 2 years cos of military service. I am very happy with this tour. How about everyone? Saitama became possible, thanks to everyone. I was a bit scared of this Live but I’m happy being able to meet everyone.

Good Morning Night/J:

JJ: one more time? Then let’s do it one more time.

JJ: ahh it’s so hot. Isn’t it hot, everyone? Fans: hot!

JJ: personally, it’s not fun when you say one more time. But since everyone is having fun, I am enjoying it as well.

JJ: I’m sweaty. I’m tired. Huh? What did you say? What did you say? To do it one more time?

JJ: Thank you. Do it one more time? This is difficult even for a person whose physical strength is good. I have a runny nose.

T/N: JJ sat at the end of the 6th time. But fans are still cheering for one more!

JJ: next song is.. oh I forgot to sing “J”. To fans who don’t know, I changed the lyrics. Pls add J after Good morning.

JJ: even if I sang it before, it’s amazing to sing with “J”.
Fans: one more time
JJ: it’s enough. We’ll exceed the time if we go on

More ments:

JJ (after good morning J): my Live is actually short. But thanks to you saying One more time, I got to do a long Live. lol

JJ: There are two more songs left this time.
Fans: Ehh
JJ: As long as you are in this venue, this live is not over

JJ: Thank you for shouting encore. I made mistakes (in singing Love you more in JP). Sorry for that. I wrote the lyrics when I returned to Korea.  I was short of time to do it but I did my best in time for the encore performance. Can you understand my feelings?  I made it for everyone who made the encore concert possible.

JJ: Tomorrow is the last day. I am lonely.  If today is not over, tomorrow will not come. I don’t really know where to grow – drama? Singing? Pls see the changes in me.  I will do my best to be able to work in Japan.

JJ:  being an adult, your responsibilities get bigger. (T/N: He had a good ment about changes and growing up as an adult and what it means. Don’t try to solve everything by your self.)

JJ: I hope to see more of you. I will do my best.

JJ: Even if the situation is difficult, I am trying hard. I feel like I can do anything if there are allies on my side

JJ:  I bought an eyeliner. If I sweat, I lose the eyeliner but this eyeliner is good, did not come off. My makeup artist did it for me.

JJ: Yesterday I did not do anything. I was taking selca with a timer. I’ll post on my SNS next time.

JJ: I’m glad that I can sing this song (I’ll Protect You) in Japanese with everyone.

T/N: As promised, he sang 5 songs in Japanese:
1. one kiss 2.
Good morning night
3. Love you more
4. Just another girl
5. I’ll protect you.

T/N: JJ before the last song: people who want to go to toilet? Can’t hold it? Pls endure. Just a little patience.

JJ: The longer I talk in Japanese, it gets difficult. How much brain power do you use? 10%? i feel like i’m using 90% right now.

Saitama Concert Venue: All for Jaejoong 

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