[RECAP] 170221-22 ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Nagoya

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DAY 1:  February 21

JJ: 1st time in Nagoya after 3 years.
JJ: tadaima (i’m home/i arrived)
Fans: okaeri (welcome back)

JJ: We’ll be together for 3 hours today. Don’t mind the time, the important thing is to spend it enjoyably with everyone

JJ: I returned to Korea after Osaka; did not speak any Japanese at all. I arrived in Nagoya and it seems like I forgot Japanese?!

JJ: Jacket is white for Nagoya. I tried to match the pure feelings of the people of Nagoya. I’m a bit shy when I wear a white jacket. For some reason I can’t talk (lol).

T/N: Fans said they like the jacket~

JJ: I’m shy to admit it but I also like it.

JJ: It is only the 3rd song but the atmosphere seems like it’s encore already.

JJ: I forgot the next song… (looks at the monitor)… The set list is there~

JJ: I feel like my hair has gotten darker.

JJ: The next song is really awesome. If you don’t like it, people might whisper pls go to next song.

JJ: I don’t think everyone knows but singing on stage makes you sweat. Sometimes sweat goes to my mouth when I sing.
JJ:  Sweat gets in my ears can’t hear the band hahaha.  I still smell good overflowing with  Jaeromone
JJ: the taste may be salty but it does not smell.
JJ: It really does not smell!! (lol)
JJ: My fans call my sweat Jaeromones !!  Jaeromones means Jaejoong + Pheromones. (T/N: He really explained it lol)

Dressing Room segment:

T/N: JJ can read kanji for work and housewife. Sugoi~

JJ: If I live a long life, might be ~80 years old

JJ: Please smile all the time until this live ends

T.N: JJ on this emoticon (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`): I like it because no one else uses it

Fans: Kamisama (Japanese word for “deity”)
JJ: Do not say that. I’m not god

T/N: JJ pledged to be a better person to a 10 year old girl who came with her mom.
T/N: Board from a 10 yr old girl: I like you since I was 3 years old. I did not cheat on you with Japanese idols.
JJ: Become a good adult. Dont stop listening to your mother.
JJ: Study hard and grow up to b a good adult! I’ll stay a good adult

T/N: A fan requested for JJ to wink and he shyly did it.

T/N: A male fan (25) said: “I am fortunate to live in the same era as JJ and to see him on stage, the 3 hours are worth it/irreplaceable.”

JJ: I have lots of friends that are with Johnny’s Ent. hey say seven… ah there is no such group? (T/N:  Ahh there is a hey say 7 which is a sub group of Hey Say Jump. Think most fans were not aware.)

Good Morning Night~

JJ: Don’t say mo ii kai(one more time)! My KR staff who dont know Japanese before, the 1st JP phrase they learned is Mo ii kai

JJ: Last Valentine’s day, I did this 10 times.

JJ: Is anyone having their birthday today? Fans: me! Me! JJ: you are joking right?! Seems like half of the venue have their birthday today

JJ; you guys don’t fully know the depth of my feelings, it’s deeper. Everyone is my amore~

JJ: it’s been 2.5 hours since the live began. Still early so let’s just have fun~

JJ: last 2 songs Fans: ehhh JJ: everyone knows it’s not last 2 songs. It’s painful for me to tell such a lie.

JJ: did you have fun today? i also had fun~

JJ: I wanted to sing a song with JP lyrics but I ran out of time. Everyone in Nagoya, I’m sorry.

JJ: I’ll work hard for Saitama.

JJ: There is no pressure to do well on stage in JP coz I want to do it happily. To include 2 more songs in Japanese, that’s the pressure!

JJ: After the live tomorrow, I have to practice. I have not sang the songs after I recorded it in Korea.

JJ: If I practice at the hotel, I will get complaints

T/N: A fan can clearly see the monitors on the stage. Lyrics to Japanese songs are written in Hiragana, not Hangeul. Proud of JJ~

JJ: It’s a bit daunting to sing acapella alone.  So let’s sing together~~

DAY 2: February 22

JJ: I ate udon before going to sleep and when I woke up, my face is swollen so I did some facial exercises.
T/N:Fans shouted to for him to demonstrate the exercise lol

JJ: I’m having a lot of fun! I am very happy!

JJ: I’m a bit embarrassed of this jacket coz it’s too flashy

JJ: my voice is lower than usual. Eating salty food like ramen make my throat bad. But when I sing, it’s ok.  When I stand on stage, it gets better. The venue is like a hospital. If you stand here, you will heal.

JJ: I seldom see Hiro. He’s at Anjjang’s house. I made this song for Hiro since I feel bad. I feel sorry if Hiro was my girl hence the lyrics.

Chinese fan requested for JJ to sing Chajatta chorus.
JJ: saranghe
Fan: neol saranghe

Male fan: Pls make me your apprentice.
JJ jokes: don’t like
T/N: There are many young male fans with boards saying ; I like JJ hyung

Board: Can I call you Oppa even if I’m older
JJ: Oppa? Yes you can call me oppa

J: How old are you?
Fan: 42 J:
You still want to call me oppa?
Fan: Nod nod
J: Okay… you may (very hesitantly LOL)

JJ: i’m super tired. I’ll sleep now.
T/N:  After good morning J, JJ said thank you in Korean. He must be so tired he forgot to say it in Japanese (lol)

JJ: Today I had the most fun ever in Nagoya.


JJ: I’ll say hello again after these two songs (reminds everyone there is an encore lol)

JJ: Please look forward to Kim Jaejoong’s growth and what will come next from me.

JJ: Because everyone’s mood is so high today, it’s influenced me too. Thank you for the encore. I heard your voices clearly from backstage. With this kind of atmosphere, I can do it many times. Seriously, this is so much fun. My neck hurts because my energy is higher than usual.

JJ: Today is a weekday, right?
T/N: JJ is in awe of the energy of the audience.

JJ:  My first Japanese female friend is Hikari-chan. Think it’s during the rising sun PV?!  Thanks to her, my Japanese proficiency improved. But she’s not my first love! (T/N: I think Hikari-chan might be one of the dancers in the Rising Sun JP PV)

JJ: I’m preparing for an new surprise for Saitama. Saitama’s dress code is Halloween because I have not experienced it for the last 2 years. Pls spread this info!

JJ: Korea’s economy is bad. Eh? Japan too? Everyone, let’s work hard starting tomorrow!

JJ: we sing this song together (*I’ll Protect You)

JJ: a lot has happened in the past 7 years. I wanted to do a lot of things but I can’t.  Even if I experience more hardship in the future, I will think about this song and I know it will give me hope. we have each other so I will try hard and show you my best. with everyone sending me energy, it will give me power to overcome hardships. I want to protect everyone and I know that everyone will protect me too.

T/N: JJ bowed longer than usual today. In my opinion, this is one of the best lives ever. JJ is laughing all the time~~


Translation Source: @rubypurple_fan, @crystalmoon64, @Angel33Wing
Photos: @rinmaze
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