[TRANS] 170221 Excerpts from Jaejoongs’ Interviews in Japan

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Interviews with Asahi Shimbun + Zasshi News:


JJ: I didn’t train after being discharged so I lost 14 kgs, so  I weigh almost the same as 2 yrs ago. When I was in the army, I weighed around 80 kgs, 90% was muscle.

T/N:  Jaejoong read over 140 books during his 1 year and 9 months in the army.

JJ: Japan is my second home home.

JJ: After discharge, I feel I can do everything. I want to act and make a new album if I have time. I want to release a Japanese album as the fans hope I could.

T/N:  He plans to act after the tour finishes in April. He is trying hard to be able to do activities in Japan but it is difficult.

JJ:  There are a lot of difficult things in the entertainment world. I can’t tell the deep part of the difficult things to my fans. I’m thinking of solving the complicated things and regain freedom. That is my main goal right now. If I can do my activities freely, my fans will be happy, right? I want all of my fans who have been waiting for me to be happy.

Source:  Asahi Shimbun +Zasshi News via Yahoo
Translated by: Angel33Wing, Rubypurple_fan, Ayano_KJJ
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