[FULL TRANS] 170216 Cosmopolitan Korea: Kim Jaejoong, He Came Back!

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We met Kim Jae-joong, who still maintains his boyish look, in a quiet street in Australia . A special day to capture him in his  natural and candid state.

Matching chino pants with light windbreaker to complete a practical, yet stylish, casual look.
Windbreaker 499,000 won, sweatshirt 217,000 won, and pants 285,000 won by Colmar. Sneakers 160,000 won by Onitsuka Tiger.

This is your first pictorial with Cosmo. How did you feel when you first heard the news of doing a pictorial with Cosmo?  In other words, what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘cosmo’?

I like the unique color sense and mood that Cosmo pictorials display. Though it was my first pictorial with Cosmo, I had no doubt that you will do a great job of showcasing me, using the beautiful Australian nature as a backdrop. I’m glad that the pictorial came out in ‘Cosmo’ style, as I expected.

I what ways Australia inspires you during the photo shoot?

Modern city and nature blend really well in Austrialia . The purpose of this pictorial is not about capturing  the great beauty of nature.  Still  I hope everyone can feel the charms of  Australia. Literally, Australia is a place of ‘healing’. I got energized while I was there.  I felt free and well-rested.

He fell in a meditative state leaning on a handrail.
Zip-up jacket 1.15 million won and backpack 1.95 million won by MCM. Bracelet 66,000 won by Thiers. Pants 59,000 won by Evan Laforet.

You have to travel a lot for business, world tours and things, but do you also often travel on your own as well? What is the ‘purpose of  Kim Jae Joong’s private travels’?

I’ve traveled to many countries for concerts but I seldom travel on my own. I never plan any travel. So the few times I traveled abroad were all impromptu. I would say that I do not really have any purpose when I travel.  It’s rather the small, unexpected joy of encountering new things.

Staring at the camera squinting his eyes. Mesmerizing!
Outerwear 415,000 won, sweater 289,000 won by Colmar.

You must breathless running around gruelingly after you were discharged from the army due to fanmeetings and preparation for concerts.  This trip to Australia can be the first vacation. Is there anything in particular you want to do after the photoshoot is over? 

Nothing in particular, really. I just wanted to enjoy the little freedom like eat and sleep whenever I want. Haha (laughs). I got to do exactly that in Australia as much as I wanted, so I gained 2kg … .

You started your thirties in the army. People say one of the advantages of serving military duty is you are given time to think a lot. How did you feel about becoming a non-celebrity and from being in your 20s to your 30s? Were there any questions you contemplated about? And, have you found the answer to those questions? 

Frankly, I needed time to adjust at first. It was a new environment not just for me but for everyone, but I was so different from everyone else, including my life pattern and age. I felt weird at first.  I adjusted fast, though. In no time, I was enjoying the army life. I realized I became healthier physically and mentally. On the other hand, I had doubts too. The outside world was changing so fast and I kept wondering if I would be able to adjust back into the life of a celebrity after 1 year and 9 months. But the world didn’t change much, it was only me who changed.Hehe (laughs). I worried for nothing after all.

Which part of you has changed the most in the last two years, if any?

In essence, nothing really changed. I just experienced the military life that I didn’t know before? I gained an enormous amount of experience. If I were to talk about that episode (in my life), I can do it for a month, day and night.

He smiles playfully looking at the blue sky like a little boy.
Denim pants by Levi’s. Bracelets by Thiers are 28,000 won, 22,000 won, and 27,000 won. Belt by stylist.

Tickets for your recent concert sold out in just one minute. You won the Golden Disk Asian Popularity Award by a landslide. how do you feel when you see the fans who still trust you and love you despite the 2-year hiatus due to military service?

Just so grateful. Fans are the one who makes me shine, always. The fans are my light and the warmth that gives me life.

Can you reveal your upcoming plans to your fans eagerly awaiting your activities?

After the Seoul concerts, I will continue my Asia Tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, Japan.  I plan to meet fans in Hong Kong, Thailand, Macao and Taiwan in March. I will return with a drama after wrapping up my Asia Tour. I hope I can show many sides of me in the drama.

It’s a peaceful afternoon, you can feel the wind under the picturesque sky. Suede jacket 599,000 won by Chris Christie. Denim pants 84,000 won by Peace-walker. Briefs by the stylist.

As I reviewed your past interviews, I got an impression that you’re a very straightforward man. Once you believe you are right and set on a direction, you say it out loud and just go for it. Some may say it is an easy life to say whatever you want but you can also lose a lot by being frank. Have you ever thought about or worried about this?

If you can do whatever you want, it’s not so fun, i think. I don’t want to live a calculated life either. Since there are so many options and unknown in life, we worry and also get excited at the same time. I think this makes life interesting.  I try to live feeling all the emotions that we can feel in life.

Last question. What kind of person do you want to be?

A person who transforms but doesn’t change. This may sound paradoxical. I will transform but will remain where everyone expects me to be.


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