[NEWS TRANS] 170214 Kim Jaejoong attracted 20,000 fans in Osaka

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Kim Jaejoong, who last visited Osaka last Dec 2013, made the best stage to make 20,000 fans laugh and cry for 3 hours.

Kim Jaejoong, speaking in front of the fans after the opening stage, said, “It’s been a long time. The Osaka fans are so passionate that I can enjoy the stage more excitedly. Thank you for coming even if it’s a weekday. I’d like to spend the last day in Osaka full of happiness and enjoyment.

Kim Jaejoong also said, “In Osaka,I wanted to show a different feeling from Seoul and Yokohama so I changed my clothes and hairstyle.” which made the fans cheered. In addition, he prepared Oyagi gags which made the fans laugh. He also fulfilled fans’ requests and talked longer with fans, and he built up memories through constant communication with them.

Kim Jaejoong also said, “I was so happy for 2 days in Osaka and I was glad to have met you after a long time. Although I have not been active for 2 years, because of my military duty, I am grateful that so many people had come to see me. My fans tell me “JJ is my star”, but I don’t think so . To me, you are all stars. Thank you for welcoming me with your cheer and applause and I will come back soon.”

Japanese fan, Yuri (30), who went to the concerts: “I was really happy and excited when I heard that KJJ will be coming to Osaka after 3 ears. Kim JaeJoong has a certain charm that makes your heart throb. I was once again impressed by the artist Kim Jaejoong who always showed a good stage.”

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Source: Herald Pop
Translated by: @Rubypurple_fan
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