[RECAP/FANCAMS] 170213 Jaejoong’s ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Osaka

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Red jacket for Osaka!


JJ: I thought about sightseeing or eating around Osaka. But I fell asleep for 12 hours.

JJ:  I lost 1.5 kgs since he arriving in Japan.
T/N: A fan from the venue shouted: “tell us how to lose weight!”
JJ laughed.

JJ: is everyone having fun?
Fans: /screams yes
JJ: Me too

JJ showing his purple sparkles (lol):

JJ: My cough has stopped but I still have a cold. So while singing, I squeeze my nose with my fingers to prevent anything from coming out.  Trying to prevent runny nose so my fingers are a bit dirty now (t/n: from squeezing his nose)

JJ: Before when some told me ‘Jejung is cool!’ I dont have much reaction. But now when you say ‘Jejung is cool’ I can’t help but grin. Cant stop.

Love You to Death

JJ: Makes me weak (flutter) when you say ‘Ehhhh’ Pls dont say it. (But fans still say it lol)

JJ: there was a test to find whether one is S(adist) or M(asochist). I’m M!

T/N: One board says: After ten years, marry my daughter and call me Umma.
JJ: Umma~~


JJ: After going to the Live, all of you get hungry right? Restaurants are full so I can’t even go. I went back to the hotel and just have a ramen cup

T/N: A fan asked JJ to say ‘Kotomi, work hard’  (Fan’s name is Kotomi)
JJ: Good luck with your konbini(convenience store)?!
T/N:*JJ misunderstood lol*
Kotomi-san was jumping up and down and her undergarment was shown.  JJ covered his eyes.

T/N: The mic stand comes out. There’s a note saying to proceed with the next song but JJ said he will not follow.

JJ: When you sing “Good morning Night,” you guys look like in a trance.

JJ: It’s not fun if I just stand on stage by myself. But because everyone is here we are having lots of fun.

JJ: I think my fans are the cutest of all fans. My friends tell me that too. My male fans are handsome too

JJ: Backstage, I asked how long was the Live now, staff told me 3 hours 15 mins. Really?! Then I changed my clothes so fast.

JJ:  I’m talking way too much. Can’t tell whether this is a fanmeeting or a concert.

Just Another Girl

T/N: Jaejoong worries about taxi fare for fans coz it’s getting late
Fans: No problem!!!!

Deep bow:

Credit: @crystalmoon0213, rubypurple_fan, zhzh_kjj, ayajae11, rinmaze
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