[RECAP] 170209 Jaejoong’s ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Yokohama – Day 3

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Last concert in Yokohama… little sad… but let’s enjoy again tonight

Concert Ments:

JJ: 3 consecutive days of concerts are hard. But I will try my best today.

JJ: For the last 2 days, I only thought about what to talk about when I’m on stage. Everyone’s reaction is good so my topics seem interesting.

T/N: During an interview, JJ was asked what does your fans mean to you? He said “Everyone, you are my loves. “(He used Italian word “Amore” -アモーレ.  Amore’ is a famous words in Japan as marriage proposal words because Mr. Nagatomo (famous soccer player) said that to his girlfriend!)

JJ: Yesterday, I gave my towel to a male fan because he doesn’t have one. Who doesn’t have a towel today? Ehhhh. Everyone has one. Ok.

JJ: Kiss B is one of my favorite songs… I wrote it for some reason (lol).

JJ: I want love. I want to be loved~

JJ: When I was down, it was everyone who grabbed my hand and made me stand up again

JJ:  Bibi belongs to a friend. Hiro is with Anjjang’s parents cos I finish his work quite late. Jiji is with father’s friend.

JJ: Hiro is the main character of All I desire. I imagine Hiro is my girlfriend when I was writing the lyrics. Lol.

Dress Code Segment:

JJ: Yesterday I talked about Hokkaido crabs. Today, I see a lot of crabs in the boards (TV monitors).

T/N:  when JJ saw a photo of himself from 10 years ago, he said:  ‘cute~Jaejoong is cute’ (lol)

T/N: JJ can’t understand what’s written on a fan’s board.
JJ: Everyone thinks I can read Kanji easily right? But I’m a foreigner you know!
T/N: Then the fan showed her board written in Korean.
JJ: Ehh. I got it! Ahh, but now everyone can’t understand you (bragging lol)

T/N: He sang a bit of Wasurenaide and Hug. He did not sing Proud and said ‘Please understand. There are reasons I can’t sing it’

After the dress code ment
JJ: i dont want to go up the stage now.
Fans: ehhhhhh!!
JJ: it’s a lie ( Lol)

JJ ( to the band): “Really sorry to the band members” (t/n: cos he kept on requesting to do the chorus of Good morning night)

JJ: first time in my life that I borrowed a towel from the audience to wipe my sweat.

Fans shouted Kawaii~~ (cute)
JJ: What did you say?
Fans shouted loudly: Kawaiiiiiiii~~
JJ: One more time

T/N:  Today’s concert is being filmed for DVD
JJ: Unfortunately… Fans: Ehhh! JJ: I’m filming DVD so I will use the best (reaction)…
So fans shouted ‘Ehhh’ louder and longer everytime he said ‘Unfortunately… last 2 songs’

JJ: Do you think my scale (note) gets so high in my songs? I think a woman can sing my songs in a normal level.

T/N: When he reappeared
JJ: Tadaima (I’ve arrived/I’m home)
Fans: Okaeri (Welcome back)

JJ: I will upload the Japanese lyrics (of I’ll Protect You) to my SNS as soon as the Yokohama concert is finished

JJ: new info but I am making a new song in Japanese

JJ: after Osaka con, i will go back to Korea to record Japanese song(s)

JJ: I want to release a Japanese album.


JJ:  I don’t know how long can I sing. Right now I feel like I want to keep singing for the rest of my life.

JJ:  I am glad that there are so many people who still sing songs for me ~ ”

JJ: When I first came to Japan, I sang in front of 80 people. It’s been 10 years. I would like to talk about this moment 10 years after.  That’s why everyone should live longer!! (so we could talk about this by then)

JJ: Please live long, healthy and happy. Thank you for the 3.5 hours today.

Concert lasted for almost 4 hours!

Credit: rubypurple_fan, jjchloejj, ayano_kjj, sachong, uchang61
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