[NEWS TRANS] 170209 Falling for Kim Jaejoong All Over Again

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On February 9th, Kim Jaejoong successfully wrapped up his concerts in Yokohama Arena, Japan successfully. The bond between Kim Jaejoong and his fans became stronger and tighter after 2 years of hiatus.

Kim Jaejoong began the concert with powerful, lavish opening stage with grand band sound and said, “It’s the third night already! Last night in Yokohama! Are you ready to have fun? “ He opened up cracking a joke that he just learned from his friend the night before.


He met his Japanese fans with a passion-filled stage after a 2-year hiatus.  Kim Jaejoong displayed boyish charm while singing playful songs such as ‘Luvholic’ and ‘Kiss B’, melted audiences with emotional rock ballads such as ‘Drawer’ and ‘Love you to death’.  He overpowered the stage when singing rock-spirit filled ‘Mine’.


Fans were deeply moved not only by his performances but also at his kind and loving manners and the way he looked at his fans, showing how much he missed them and how grateful he was.  Fans welcomed him so warmly by responding in standing ovations for every number he performed.


As he was wrapping up his concert series in Yokohama, Kim Jaejoong commented, “Everyone, you look so beautiful when I see you from the stage.  Someone from the audience shouted last night, ‘I fell for you, Jaejoong’!  I’m always grateful and my heart flutters for the love you give me. But the moment I heard it, I felt my heart pound. I’m not sure how much longer I can sing.  Being with you like this makes me think I want to spend all my life singing.”

Not only fans from all over Japan but also fans from all over the world including Southeast Asians and Latin Americans gathered in Yokohama. One fan from Chile cheered passionately for Jaejoong waving her flag; a Finnish fan raised a sketchbook with the message, “Thank you for coming back!”.  People from all ages and gender also showed up at the venue. A guy in his 20s with his mom, a fan who brought her family including her 6-year old daughter and husband.

During his final encore number, I’ll Protect You, all the fans sang along with him. He showed tears saying, “I’m so happy that I’m near everyone who sings for me.  Thank you for waiting and welcoming me back.

Kim Jaejoong will continue his Asia Tour at Osaka Jo Hall on February 13th and 14th.


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