[RECAP] 170208 Jaejoong’s ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Yokohama – Day 2

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JJ: Blue jacket is for Yokohama. It will be different for Osaka.

JJ:  I was 80 kg in the army. Lost 12 kgs. Stopped exercising. I’m embarrassed to show my body.

JJ: Japanese is difficult, right? Let’s study more honorific words.  My Japanese, 90% will come naturally, 10% i need to still think.

JJ:  If i have many Japanese friends, my japanese will become better. As i don’t watch JP TV program, I don’t know what is the trend in JP.  I had 50 JP friends but now I only have less than 20 because when i was in the army, I changed my phone number. So i want to make more JP friends.

JJ:  In response to the male fans shouting, JJ: oh yes daisuki (like) yes (T/N:  The male fans are a lot more responsive today.)

JJ:  Last night I caught a bad cold, been coughing, lungs hurt…

JJ:  I used to like this type of sparkly clothes but I am a bit ashamed to wear them now.

T/N:  During 1st ment when he was changing, he said his stylist only dresses him up with pants and jackets. No shirts inside. Stylist said he won’t wear it anyway.

Dress code segment:

JJ:  Chile~~~ Ole~~~~Thank you for coming from the other side of the world~~

T/N:  2 dressed up as Hirano Nora and the one who sang PPAP~ shimo shimo~~

T/N:  19year old male fan: JJ hyung I love you for a long time. He had red roses~~

T/N:  JJ said with his helium cute voice: i love you all.  He bought the helium gas from Don Quijote (similar to Daiso)

Good Morning Night/J:

JJ:  So how many times will I do this today?   Are you having fun? Okay! That’s good. Feels good to sweat.

T/N:  New costume from yesterday. I bought it at Harajuku yesterday.

T/N:  He gave a towel to a fan and passed on another towel to another fan

T/N:  He did not wait for the one more shout. After the last one, he said “one more time” then began singing again lol.  After singing Good morning J, he said that’s it. Final. Lol

JJ: last two songs.
Fans: ehhhhhh
JJ: i dont like it either

JJ:  Why have to stop the live (concert) once we start? I know a sunbae (senior) singer in Korea who held a concert for 8 hrs by himself (T/N: Lee Seunghwan) .  He ate bento during performance… I’d also try

T/N:  He kept on saying kimocho-ii ( I feel really good), imitating JP olympic gold medalist Kitajima Kosuke

JJ: after the last two songs, don’t leave everyone. Pls do not go home… do you understand me? (T/N: JJ means Fans should shout for encore lol)

T/N:  Fans are confused whether to shout for Encore or Jejung

JJ:  There is really only one song left. If I had time, i wanted to make all the songs in Japanese but I did not have time.  We have to end this live. I can’t go to the toilet and I am getting hungry lol

JJ:  I will go back to Korea after Osaka concerts. I have something to do.

JJ:  I went to Meguro recently. I lived there a long time ago. There are many places I still want to visit.

JJ:  I’m happy to stay in Japan for so long. Japan is my second home. In the past, I came to Tokyo alone (without manager) for about a week.  When I went to Tokyo alone, When I arrived at the airport, no one was there to pick me up. I had a hard time deciding which way to go. Lol

JJ:  JJ: I am crazy for all of you. I am very grateful for your love.

Photo: Gunheenim IG

JJ:  JJ: For Saitama concerts, I will have the Japanese version of I’ll protect You. I’ll post the lyrics on SNS. Please practice~

Jaejoong’s IG:

[TRANS] Today was fun!⭐️ I don’t want to part with everyone (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) But we still have tomorrow!

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