[News Trans] 170209 Kim Jaejoong is still so hot in Japan, what’s his secret formula?

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Kim Jaejoong’s second night of concert in Yokohama Arena was held last night, February 8. He ignited the stage with his explosive energy for 3 hours.

Kim Jaejoong opened the night saying, “I had such a great time last night for 3 hours. I couldn’t believe that it was only the first night! You fans were so responsive and full of energy! Are you ready to do it over tonight? This Arena is filled up again tonight! I’ll do my best again today”.


Kim Jaejoong showed off his fluent Japanese in special performances only reserved for Japanese fans and humorous talks. His japanese is so good that he doesn’t need an interpreter on stage but he did prepare meticulously in order to communicate more lively and intimately with his fans during this concert tour of 9 concerts. He called his native japanese friends every night and flew to Japan days before the tour began to brush up on his rusty japanese (due to his military service days). Thanks to his efforts, he was able to spend a wonderful time communicating with his fans in Japanese during the concert.

Kim Jaejoong introduced his hit numbers One Kiss, Good Morning Night and Just Another Girl in Japanese version as a special surprise gift to Japanese fans. He was busy enough preparing for the concert tour but he wanted to show his gratitude to his fans who waited for him.

Kim Jaejoong also practiced the latest japanese gags and customized it for last night’s stage and performed one, “I learned this from my japanese friend who came to see my concert last night. I wanted to feel what’s making you laugh and laugh together with you”.

Japanese fans responded with roaring cheers at Kim Jaejoong’s care and love. Kim Jaejoong concluded last night  saying, “Please look forward to more Japanese songs to come in the future. I’ll try harder. We still have 7 more concerts left. Let’s enjoy till the end”.

There is one more concert left in Yohokama Arena tonight (February 9).

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