[RECAP] 170207 Jaejoong’s ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Yokohama – Day 1

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JJ:  Long time no see! 2 years? It’s a strange feeling.  I just came out of the army and I’m still not used to outside/ civilian life
JJ:  I forgot so many words in Japanese. I forgot about 2,000 JP words.   I came to Japan earlier to practice with my Japanese friends. Did you notice the change? Lol

JJ:  During this 3 days, I ate Japanese food a lot. Didn’t do any self-management at all since coming to Japan.  I did not think about diet so I think I’m fatter now vs when I was in Korea.

JJ did a popular Japanese gag ‘Shimo Shimo’ by Hirano Nora

JJ:  Still has songs that I will sing in Japanese. If there was more time to prepare, I wanted to sing more Japanese songs.

JJ: My ment is 100% adlib. Even in Seoul concerts, I just go with the flow and talk about what I see or hear from the stage.. I think it’s important to send each heart like ‘catch-ball’

Dress code segment: 

-Same concept for the dress code as Seoul concert.
– T/N: JJ is so humble about forgetting his Japanese. He can still read the fan signs without difficulty.
-Camera is showing lots of male fans in the audience.
-Camera shows father with his family. JJ said dad is the best.
-14 yrs old boy with his mom. JJ said next time come alone.

JJ: Before, I am relaxed when I’m naked backstage. But now I’m embarrassed to be naked. During enlistment, I spent a lot of time with young people and somehow the way I behave has changed.

JJ:  I didn’t have any ways to get rid of stress in army. My inner self changed a lot. I regained purity that was almost forgotten by spending time with younger people.

JJ:  Before enlisting, i had been thinking just how can i spend many times with you fans

JJ:  You, fans who always fill my mind are the best present for me

JJ:  I spent time during military service with the memories we made. Let’s have precious time. Thank you for waiting for me.

JJ:  I want to release my album in Japan. I hope to be able to active in Japan…I’ll do my best.

JJ:  After discharge.. I’m happy to be back well and meet you again

JJ:  In Australia, i had a cold and heavy cough (still has)/ I caught a cold when I was in Australia. Cough is terrible, making it hard to sleep. But I’m a pro so it’s ok.

JJ:  I think it’s better to be with you directly (via concerts) instead of TV.  It was hard to get venues. I apologize if the concerts are during weeekdays.

JJ:  Saitama concerts onFeb 25 and 26!  The encore con (in Saitama) is during the weekend. I will work harder.


1. One Kiss (JP Version)

2. Luvholic
3. KissB

4. Ment
5. Rotten Love
6. Let The Rhythm Flow
7. Drawer
8. Love You To Death
9. Ment
10. All I Desire

11. Run Away

12. All That Glitters
13. Breathing
14. Welcome To My Wild World
15. Good Luck
16. Good Morning Night (JP Version)
17. 9+1#
18. Mine

19. Love You More

20. Just Another Girl (JP)

Encore 2
21. I’ll Protect You


Translated by: ayano_KJJ, rubypurple_fan
Credit: Mami Maeshima, ayajae, per twitter links
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