[Other Blog] 170204 A to Z of the Return Concert of Kim Jaejoong

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The word “happy” is not enough to describe the emotions

And the memorable moments of Jaejoong with the fans

A to Z of the Concert will now be revealed~

Let’s revisit once again the sensation and joy of the Seoul Concert held with 10,000


Jaejoong looks more cheerful than usual.  Excited about meeting his fans?
No make-up! But still looks like god of handsomeness

Rehearsal at the venue is in full-swing

Right before the rehearsal! Is Jaejoong trying to use mind control method?

Get ready! You may experience heart arrest because Jaejoong gets more handsome as you scroll down! Rehearsal starts in 1 minute!

Jaejoong on stage! Got blinded by his handsomeness already?

Jaejoong even checks the floor meticulously and he does it in such cute way

Rehearsal begins ~

Poses cutely in between rehearsals


Jaejoong explodes in excitement in rehearsals

Maybe because it’s been a while since he’s met the fans?

Rehearsals are going well~

Innately handsome Jaejoong

Posing with specially designed microphone

Finally end of the concert ~
Jaejoong looks at the audience area

Jaejoong at the dressing room

Meeting on stage soon ~

After 1 year and 9 months
the moment to meet Jaejoong has finally come

Behind the scene Concert Special

Really appreciate and love those who waited for 21 months and filled up the Korea University Hwajeong Stadim

Credit: Naver Post
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: PrinceJJ