[PICS/VIDEO] 170126 Jaejoong’s Pikicast Special “After Mom Goes to Sleep”

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*ASMR is described as a pleasurable tingling that begins in the head and scalp, shimmies down the spine and relaxes the entire body.  ASMR is often triggered by exposure to specific audio and video. Stimuli that can trigger ASMR, as reported by those who experience it, include the following: (1) Listening to a softly spoken or whispering voice…[wiki]

In this mukbang pikicast “After Mom Goes to Sleep”, Jaejoong has to complete missions without waking up his “mom”. He also has to be careful that his voice or sounds caused by his movements will not go beyond a certain decibel/sound level, otherwise, there will be an alarm/penalty.





JJ: My favorite late night eats are ribs stew and spicy chicken.  Weirdly, I crave for strong tasting foods at night. You can’t eat if you think of swollen face in the morning. Just eat.  It’s okay.

JJ: If you don’t put the crumbs left in the ramen bag, you are a bourgeois, I hear 😂

Piki: Where were you on Christmas?
JJ: I Spent Christmas eve with Im Siwan and (Jang) Geunsuk…I was so lonely ~

Piki: When do you feel handsome?
JJ: Right after shower looking at the mirror!

Piki:  Show some aegyo (cuteness)
JJ: Does the *CheerUp Baby + VeryVery* dance movement

JJ:  Until when should I do this? Aren’t I supposed to present some charismatic lines?

Piki: Future Plans?
JJ: I want to have a rock band.   There’s a huge difference whether I have mine or not in whatever I do. I’ll form a Kim Jaejoong Band for sure. Please look foward to it.

Piki: Message to fans?
JJ:  Thank you for waiting with your unchanging love until the end. I think I can live my life “radiating” because of you all. Thank you.

Source: Pikicast
Translated by: @crystalmoon64; @jaetaku
Shared by: PrinceJJ