[PICS/TRANS] 170121 Day 1 of ‘Rebirth of J’ Concert in Seoul

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Set List

1. One Kiss
2. Luvholic
3. KissB
4. Ment
5. Rotten Love
6. Let The Rhythm Flow
7. Drawer
8. Love You To Death
9. Ment
10. All I Desire
11. Run Away
12. All That Glitters
13. Breathing
14. Welcome To My Wild World
15. Good Luck
16. Good Morning Night
17. 9+1#
18. Mine

19. Love You More
20. Just Another Girl

Encore 2
21. I’ll Protect You
22. Butterfly


-JJ: It was -8 degrees on the day I was discharged, it is -8 today; what’s up with than?

-Jang Geunsuk didn’t answer when Jaejoong called on him but he is here. JJ says maybe he is too shy. JJ also said he is his best friend
-JJ: (Noh) Minwoo is here too

-JJ: My hair grew so fast right? I was using special shampoo to help my hair grow so I don’t have to wear wig while head banging with you fans

-JJ: Don’t worry about me losing weight it is just for the concert.  If you want, I can gain it back easily

-JJ: Rock is the genre that fits me perfect when I perform alone and you like it too so I’ll keep doing it

-JJ: I came back with concert first to show myself to more fans in Korea and overseas but I’m preparing for drama also

-JJ: I want laugh a lot with you at this concert. Thank you for waiting

-JJ: I don’t have to act bigger or cooler than who I am now, I want to be more and more honest in front of you as I age

-JJ: I’m a civilian indeed… I still feels so awkward to take off my shirt…I’m back to skinny JJ before army (and takes off his shirt a little)

-JJ:I made many mistakes tonight^^ You know where… but I can make adjustments fast so it’ll be much better tomorrow


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  1. doejobarr
    January 21, 2017

    Oh my goodness, Jaejoong looks SO handsome – his outfits are fabulous and his Jacket is AWESOME – He hasn’t aged a BIT and looking as sexy as EVER!

  2. CCA
    January 21, 2017

    It’s like Jaejoong never left. He looks identical!

  3. pippi0718
    January 21, 2017

    Thanks tanks thanks
    The pictures are so clear and beautiful