[NEWS] 170115 Backstage sneak view of Kim Jaejoong at GDA

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Backstage sneak view of ordinary yet extra ordinary reservist Sgt Kim Jaejoong at Golden Disk Awards:

On January 13, 2017, the Digital Awards Day of the GDA was held and Jaejoong won the Asia Popularity Award:

We went to Kim Jaejoong’s Dressing Room.

Serious conversation with his Coordi:

“Wear this? Are you an anti-fan? Are you serious?”

Handsome Kim Jaejoong still cares about clothes he wears…

Thought the atmosphere was not good…but it was ^^

Seriously now… I’m so cool

A handsome man eating tangerine…

Would you like some?

Please write your New Year’s Greetings:

What did you write?

건강, 행복, 사랑

Health, Happiness & Love

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Source: Naver Ent – Daily Sports; ororo1112; bornfre2onekiss
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