[PICS + VIDEO] ENG SUB V-Live + CJeS Naver Post: We waited for you Jaejoong-ah!

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Kim Jaejoong came back to us after 640 days of waiting.  Let’s go over few details of memory of the day:

We are glad you are back, Kim Jaejoong!

He who left for a little while to answer the nation’s call of duty, came back again after 640 days.


Exit ceremony on 12/30
Then, fansign on the following day:

Since dawn of 12/30 many fans gathered right in front of Jaejoong’s army base.  Not only Korean fans, but also many fans from Asia.

A gift from Jaejoong – Coffee for fans who are waiting in the cold weather

Fans cheering when Jaejoong came out:

Jaejoong’s appearance:

Interview with reporters:

Jaejoong greeting the fans, tand hanking them for coming and for their support.

Sergeant Kim Jaejoong

Fansign with 2,000 Fans:

Long time no see ~

I missed you~

Jaejoong thanking the fans for waiting:

Visual shock:

Source:  CJeS Naver Post
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