[TRANS] 161231 Kim Jaejoong Fansign: Army stories + Fan Interactions

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Army Stories


Jaejoong donated the entire salary he saved as a soldier. He donated everything back to the army to help out soldiers. 🙌 😇

Jaejoong made 2 goals while playing soccer in army!  (cr. bburubbubbu)  (as fans, we know this is a major accomplishment😅 keke)

All the soldiers in his base and soldiers who performed with him in other bases contacted Jaejoong on the day of his discharge. Exactly 197 people visited Jaejoong during his military service.

KJJ (V-Live) “I am the only special warrior in our troop.  I can say this with confidence.”
(Note: Example of ‘Special Warrior’ criteria: 1. Shooting: Hit the target more than 90%; 2. 72 push-ups in 2 min; 3. Sit-ups 82 times in 2min; 4. Run 1.5Km in less than 5m)

Fan Interactions:

KJJ: I weighed almost 80Kgs (weight training) but wondered if that body would fit the concept of my concert…
Fans: We love muscular JJ~~~~
KJJ: If I want, I can gain back 14Kg easily


Fans: What do you think are the reasons for your popularity among soldiers?
KJJ:  I can’t say with my own mouth. I want them to post comments themselves on the internet ^^


KJJ: Do they sell flower wreaths on the streets? So many…I only saw flower beggar (from gag concert) wear these
Fans: Other idols wear them
KJJ: Then I must… Since I’m an idol (*wears the wreath*)




A couple married while Jaejoong was serving military service; the bride got interested in her future husband when she saw that the background photo of his phone was JJ!

KJJ: Anybody with my face as his phone background image must be of good character! 😇
A lot of you guys got married… (while I was away) What will you say if I get married?
Fans: Boo~~~


(Pink Clip-on: “My Man”)

Fan:  Oppa, I prepared a (word syllabic) poem for you, it’s “Nuna”
KJJ:  “Nu”!
Fan: “Nuga” (Who), in this world, is the mo~~st  handsome!?
KJJ:  What’s next?  Ah~~ “Na” (Me)? … Wahhh, kids these days are really not creative/no fun… đŸ€Ł


Post-It Question Replies:
– Jaejoong will release the song ‘Life Support’ (He sang this during the hologram concert)
– Jaejoong wants to try all these Korean show concepts: mukbang, kukbang, nupbang (eating large quantities, cooking, and broadcast while lying down/sleepy ambiance)


KJJ Ending Message:
Please be careful not to catch flu… I did recently and suffered a lot.  I have to get ready fast for the concerts. I don’t want to look like a soldier on the concert stage.  I want to look exactly the same as 2 yrs ago. There are many male fans, fans from various age groups including middle schoolers, and many overseas fans… Thank you, I’m so encouraged.


Kakaotalk character sticker tattoo:


Jaejoong drew his famous octopus autograph for some fans:



Ending Selca with Fans

CJeS rented the venue till 10PM but the fansign continued through almost11PM (lasted for almost 4 hours).  Jaejoong took his sweet time w each (lucky) fan…He knows it’s that one moment they will cherish for the rest of their lives (via @crystalmoon64)


Credit: jjjooota; mikuiku, monaiyo, crystalmoon64, the_Little_Pear, bornfreeonelove, 126days, alice_graphy, justyou_JJ
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