[NAVER LINE] Kim Jaejoong’s 10-Day Post-Army Journal

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Day 10 (17/01/09)


10 days after discharge

I’m fully adjusted now!

From now on, let’s meet more often!^^

Day 9 (17/01/08)


9 days after discharge

Makeup and hair color after a long time…

I end up staring at the mirror time and time again ha ha ha

Day 8 (17/01/07)


Day 8 After Discharge

Warm first text I got after discharge was from Jisung hyung, My older brother indeed!

Be strong, shooting in cold weather!^^



Day 7 (17/01/06)


7 days after army discharge

with Youngjunie when I went out for (*army) break ^^

Day 6 (17/01/05)


6 days after army discharge

Year of the fire rooster!!
Hope you receive a lot of blessings in the new year 2017 (*Typical New Year greetings in Korea)

Day 5 (17/01/04)


5 days after army discharge

Don’t have to return now.
I am a free man 🙂

Day 4 (17/01/03)


4 days after army discharge

My arm muscles
showed that I exercised.
Even after army discharge, I have to exercise hard too!

Day 3 (17/01/02)



3 days after army discharge

Feels real and not so real at the same time. I’m wondering if everyone is doing fine. Snacks were so delicious!


Day 2 (17/01/01)



Second day after discharge,
On my way to Fansigning Event.
Was happy to see you ^^


Day 1 (16/12/31)



Recording 10 days after Jaejoong’s Army Discharge

First Day After Discharge.

Now that I’ve taken off my uniform ^^
Looking at my soldier notebook, photo album of my soldier days, and the one and only discharge cap that my fellow soldiers gifted me on the day of the discharge…
My feelings are mixed, a million thoughts come across my mind

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Source:  Naver Line
Translated by: @crystalmoon64; PrinceJJ
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