[Other News] 160624 Kim Eung Soo: Kim Jaejoong bought me a Cell Phone

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[Summary Trans]

News Title:  Kim Eungsu: JYJ Kim Jaejoong bought me a cell phone, sorry for the misunderstanding

Kim Eung Soo was a guest at a TV Program.  The topic of the TV program was “Apology” so Kim Eungsu thought of Kim Jaejoong right away because he caused a misunderstanding for Jaejoong when he actually wanted to praise Jaejoong

When Kim Eungsu** boasted about Kim Jaejoong buying him cellphone, MC Yu Jae Sook and others told him jokingly, Jaejoong must’ve paid the downpayment only not whole price.  Kim Eungsu wanted to clarify that Kim Jaejoong paid for the whole thing indeed(very expensive) and thanked Jaejoong for changing his life entirely.  

Cellphone bought by Jaejoong back in 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S3) for Kim Eng Soo.  Kim Eung Soo said it changed his life 🙂


On a related note, #Jaejoong trended #1 on most popular search keyword among single ladies today:


**Jaejoong’s co-star in Dr. Jin

Source: DC Jaejoong, Naver News
Translated by: Crystalmoon64
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