[COMPILATION] 160615 Post of Non-fans: Jaejoong at Joint Korea & US Army Band Concert

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VIDEO by Suzyholic


Non-fan #1 (jinee_yk): Going crazy after seeing pro idol Prince want 2 tell him 2 take my life but being his fan seems too hard

Non-fan #2:  Group Lovelies’ soldier fan’s 1st impression of Kim Jaejoong:


Non-fan #3 (umyoujiae): Didn’t mean to but took photo coz he looked too cool. Feel proud that Kim Jaejoong fans tell me they like his photo I took


Non-fan#4 (joshep_kim): I’m a Lovelynerz yet got more worthy pictures of  JYJ Kim Jaejoong… But he sure looks real handsome….

joshep1 joshep2 joshep3 joshep4

Non-fan#5 (keineshan): Saw him for the first time, he is handsome indeed, celebrity alright


Credit:  Joshep_Kim; umyoujiae, DC Jellery, jinee_yk, suzyholic
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: PrinceJJ