[TRANS] 160408 Fan and Non-fan accounts on Jaejoong’s Jinhae Festival Performance

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I came to see cherry blossom, and got to watch Jaejoong perform. He’s handsome and sings so well. I’m Kim Jaejoong fan from now on! [x]



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An old lady sitting beside me: “No wonder the young girls go crazy over him, he’s so handsome and sings so well. ” Not just old ladies but ajussis were shouting: “Dude looks so handsome! Sings so well!” lol Seems like the whole city is impressed by Kim Jaejoong.

High schoolers of the city in their school uniforms were praising Kim Jaejoong ‘s handsomeness on their way out


Tonight’s partner Kim Jaejoong ~~ MC Handsomeness overload warning. Handsomeness overflowing


Female MC: Kim Jaejoong put mic on me suddenly so I sang along but failed. Pls warn me next time JJ

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