[Other IG] 160313 Actress Nam Gyuri Shares a Picture with Jaejoong

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재중이 휴가 나왔을때 .
훈남군인 🕶늠름해진 .
얼마안남았다 힘내 !! 뽯팅 !!


When Jaejoong was on break
handsome* soldier 🕶 became more manly
not long till discharge, hang in there!! fighting!!

*Nam Gyuri actually used 훈남 [hun-nam] to describe Jaejoong – this refers to a man who is both handsome and kind; word has a nuance that they are also “nice people” in addition to being attractive, compared to just 미남 [mi-nam] or handsome men


Someone asked Nam Gyuri if she was back-patting Kim Jaejoong. She answered, “Yes, wanted to cheer him up/encourage him”

Source: Name Gyuri I Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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  1. Flora
    March 14, 2016

    Is she a girlfriend of JJ? ><