[VIDEO] 160218 Jaejoong Singing Family Portrait at 2nd Marine Division Event

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160218 해병2사단 (Marines, 2nd Division)

-Video sent to Herose by a fan’s brother who also became a fan of Jaejoong after watching Triangle-

Family Portrait Lyrics (Translation credit: X)

Busy as you were in your youth,
Along came a child, who added to your responsibilities.
In that family portrait we shot that day,
Your bright smile has faded together with time.
As I became an adult, I got thrust into reality.
I, who was immature and unwise, have become a son
Here and there, I might have fallen but I stand up time and again.
On a lonely day, I took our family portrait out

“Oh how I have come to resemble you, Dad”

In my youth, around the time when it soon went downhill,
Only then did the days of your life come to mind.
In that family portrait, the young lady was wearing a smile.
Through her, the days which used to bloom have returned to me once again.
You became dust in order for me to thrive,
Leaving me to collect the smoking fumes that time has become.
If only your smile could bloom like a flower once again

Lovely lyrics and a great tribute to parents~

let’s look at past pictures of Jaejoong with his beloved parents ^^


Credit: Herose via haku0126
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