[TRANS] Reply Letter Jaejoong wrote to Life House Shelter For Women and Infants

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A staff from the Life House Shelter for Single Moms and Infant shared the letter below from Jaejoong at DC Jellery (Kim Jaejoong Gallery) site, with the following message:


Jaejoong’s Letter to Life House

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Hello, this is Kim Jaejoong.  I’m writing back to you because you sent me a warm letter when I haven’t done anything. First of all, I want to express my gratitude toward my fans who has done a good deed, and appreciate their beautiful intention.  I feel a bit embarrassed for receiving a letter from the staff members at the Life House since I haven’t done anything for you.

One staff wrote, “It is difficult to win every person’s heart.  I revere you for capturing so many fans’ hearts…”  I think those words describe the staff there, not me.  You are the angels who share love to the babies separated from their moms, pregnant ladies and single moms.   They may live with a painful past and are suffering a harsh reality but your love can help them feel love instead of suffering, and live in gratitude.  Wish the days they can smile would double.

Also, I hope more people would pay attention to the single moms’ well-being so their economic situation improves and a psychologically stable environment can be provided.  I truly want the pretty babies and mothers to experience all the joy in the world throughout their lives.  Someday, I will visit you and wish to be a help to you.  I want to see your soft smiles and keep them in my heart as I serve my military duty and participate in more good deeds.  I will keep my promise for sure ^^.

Your letter will warm this really cold winter weather and help me endure it.  Hope you don’t catch cold, and belated happy new year.  Though I can’t see you, I’m always thankful to you.  I respect you.

Note:  Jaejoong fanclubs KJJ DC Gallery  & Herose previously donated to Life House (a facility for single moms and infants that the 55th division oversee) as suggested by Jaejoong instead of providing support for him and the soldiers.  The SPY rice wreaths donated by Jaejoong fans worldwide were also partly sent to this facility.

Source:  Kim Jaejoong DC Gallery
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: PrinceJJ