[TRANS] 160223 Jaejoong Left Cute & Loving Messages For Fans at a Restaurant ‘ᴗ’

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According to the restaurant owner, Jaejoong came by last night (2/22), he was really happy and boasted about placing 2nd place at Music Bank to the owner.

(He left scribbles, and cute and loving messages for fans, as translated below)

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“It’s me, Jaejoong”, “It’s me”

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“Came by here coz it’s my break. I like here. Delicious” (Signed by Jaejoong ‘ᴗ’)


“Place to come while I’m on my break! Thank you so much ~” (Signed by Jaejoong ‘ᴗ’)


“Love you and miss you my Japanese fans! Thank you!”

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“Mommy*, thank you always for being nice to me. I can’t stop coming here. Thank you for being nice to my fans” (*restaurant owner)


“I’m 32 years old T_T”


“I’m embarrassed”


Fan:  Jaejoong oppa protect Korea ♥

Jaejoong:  I’ll protect!  Loyalty!!


Fan:  To Jaejoong Oppa:  I miss you T_T

Jaejoong: Me too..


“This is Jaejoong”

(Jaejoong shared he gained 17kg since enlistment! Owner said he looks much much much more handsome^^)


—Note:  The owner previously shared a picture with Jaejoong —


Source: MiMi_KJJ, @crystalmoon64
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  1. Jo Barr
    February 24, 2016

    Thanks but none of these have occurred recently right? Like they are from before 2016?

    • Ces
      February 24, 2016

      Hi 🙂 These messages were left by Jaejoong around 2 days ago, while he was on military break. He was replying to old messages left by fans