[TRANS] 160221 Interview with ‘Ye-Yo’, Composer and Arranger Duo of Jaejoong’s ‘Love You More’

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Music Producer Duo Ye-yo! composed and arranged Love You More along with another composer, Taewan.

Q.Why did you participate in the album?
CJeS asked us to make a demo tape, and we composed ‘Love you more’. Because 3 years have passed after we finished composing, and 2 years have passed since recording was decided, we didn’t know the song became the title track of the album until just before it was released. We are really grateful to Jaejoong.

Q.When was it recorded?
On January 2015. He is good at singing so much that he finished recording the song in just one day. We enjoyed working with Jaejoong and the other performers.

Q.Tell us your impression of Jaejoong
He has a bright personality. Because he’s had a long career as a singer, he could understand the point of the song and sing it without our instructions. He didn’t need any advice. The ‘behind story’ we got to know after is that Jaejoong really liked ‘Love you more’ since the time he got the demo tape and he had practiced the song while listening to it.

Q.The enlistment day was 31 Mar. We heard that he was recording the album until the last minute.
Seems so. Just before the album was released, I heard from the production company that he filmed ‘Love You More’ Music Video just 10 days before he enlisted.

Source: Korea-Love
Translated by: @ayano_jyj
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