[NEWS] 160211 Kim Jae Joong’s Hologram Concert Was Held in Tokyo

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201602110802774580_56bbc4917678e[by Bae Jung Yun] Kim Jae Joong’s perfect hologram made 15,000 fans go wild without his presence.

C-JeS Entertainment announced that “On February 9 and 10, Kim Jae Joong’s hologram concert ‘2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan’ held at the Tokyo Yoyogi Gymnasium was successfully ended with fan’s acclamation. He prepared this concert for fans before he joined the army. Japanese fans were touched and delighted from meeting entire tracks of his new album through this concert. The first ever attempted hologram concert drew attention from people.”

The performance was held for 90 minutes and it materialized perfect arena with its stage, direction, special effect and image same as original concert. Fan’s reacted wildly just like keeping in step with real Kim Jae Joong on the stage. He also showed off various outfits through the hologram. His new songs in the second full-length album ‘NO.X’ were shown off to relieve fan’s thirst of missing him.

The first stage was his first full-length album’s title song ‘Just Another Girl’. When Kim Jae Joong’s hologram showed up, the fans were surprised and cheered for seeing him again after one year. Moreover, he showed off 17 songs such as ‘You Know What?’, ‘Meet Again, Even We Meet Again’, the title song ‘Love You More’ and others with perfect sound. The fan service was also full of sincerity. There was the talk time and greeting from Kim Jae Joong during the middle of the performance and also free exhibition opened before the concert gave fans the present of happiness.

The performance director of C-JeS Entertainment said, “There were two years of preparations. The contents filmed before he joined the army increased its completeness through one year of post production and repeated suggestions. We mainly focused on increasing the quality of sound. The completeness of performance and satisfaction of fans were high although it was the first attempt.”

Since the performance has launched as a successful model, the response of Japanese local participants was very enthusiastic. A Japanese performance participant said, “Even Japanese participant from the Korean entertainment management company came to watch the performance. This performance is a good example of the company makes a profit by trusts Kim Jae Jooong’s fame in Japan and planned and invested for many years. It will become a model of future K-pop singers.”

The local participant said, “I could once again feel how influenced artist is he by attention from Japanese presses and explosive reaction of Japanese fans waiting for his goods.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s second full-length album will be released on February 11 at 12pm KST. (photo by C-JeS Entertainment)

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