[TWEETS] 160209 Kim Jaejoong 2nd Album Real Live Hologram Concert in Japan

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– Hologram!JJ appeared. First song is Just Another Girl

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– JJ: it’s been awhile everyone. I’m standing here, dream or reality? (Laughs)

– The hologram concert had a live band


– Fans cannot stand/ raise hands up high for fear of blocking the projector for hologram JJ


– Do you think this album has a different feel compared to the last album? He pauses for a bit for every question ^^;;

– JJ planned that album release date is 0126 and the concert date is 0204. JJ talking about his new album supposing his fans already got and listend it. BUT in the fact, the fans still have not it…

– He recorded the concert on the assumption that the new album was already released prior to the concert. That’s why he was asking how was the album earlier.

– The songs in the current set seems like all new songs. The fans are quiet on twitter ^^;;

– Some fans noticed JJ’s sunken cheeks.. He have really overworked prior to his enlistment. TT

– Yuhwan, Gummy, and Junsu on VTR

– JJ is playing the piano


– JJ: Is everyone tired? I’m tired. Oops. I’m a hologram so I can’t be tired. www

– Fans are confused whether they will shout for encore lol

– There’s an encore! ^^ One Kiss!

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– No one is leaving since the venue is still dark. They are showing the credits. The fans will sing ‘Happy Birthday’

– Birthday event: The fans sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in Korean.

– Concert has ended.

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