[PICS] 160206 Time Warp: Jaejoong’s Album Preparation Photos from March 2015

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time-warps back to March 2015! No doubt, his selfies are in a class of their own!

Hello, this is CJeS post 🙂
Teaser of Kim Jaejoong’s second full-length album NO.X was revealed yesterday!


We are about to unveil album photos of Kim Jaejoong, who we miss so much!
(Brace yourselves…for the fountain of selfies you’ve never seen before.  Let’s START!)



First, Kim Jaejoong’s selfie that doesn’t require assistance of lighting~
“I had absolutely no sleep last night!”
He makes an adorable face while saying this…
Luminating on his own!


Really?  You couldn’t sleep even for a minute last night?
How about me?  What’s up with my face then?
Can you hear my voice, Jaejoong?


Another outfit from a different angle!
I want to keep this type of heart attack-inducing photo to myself.
It is just a shirt…
He possesses all the handsomeness himself.
Wish he was mine…



That’s right.  The key to a selfie is eye contact.

I’m not the only one wishing the hand touching his hair is mine
(Wishing to be the comb at least…)

The girl blushing at the eye contact keeps on pushing the ‘save’ button quietly.



Kim Jaejoong’s selfie parade makes me yodel!

The god of selfie came upon us that day.
No flaws can be found from any angle. Left, front, even from above…

Let’s split the screen into four this time!
Set of four handsomeness, thank you Kim Jaejoong~


Shall we jump to the music video next?
I stole some right off the set!  He is just spreading his arm in the air and…Why so sexy…


Oh! I brought you a few album jacket cuts to commemorate D-6 of his album release.



Your eyes, nose, lips…Hands, head, side profile and side…they are just right…
Simply…Dreamy aura emanating can be detected from even a few photos…

Lastly the reason this post is important is because we are revealing two of jacket photos in advance!
Get set, ready, here we go~

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We want to time-travel to February 12 now but let’s wait a little more looking at these photos *_*

How was Kim Jaejoong’s time warp to 2015?
Looking at his selfies and jacket photos remind us of him preparing everything just for us without any rest…


His thoughtfulness makes him even more lovable.
He wanted to give as much as he can to fans who would miss him for 2 years.

We will be able to receive the album that he put his heart and soul soon.
We are more curious about his album now that we sneek-peaked at the photos.
Let’s go watch the teaser one more time!


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Source: naver; ichigojj
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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