[NEWS] 160101 Donation by Kim Jaejoong Fanclub (Herose): Book Cafe to 1st Infantry Division

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WowTV News:

Soldiers of 1st Infantry Division celebrated and expressed their appreciation at the opening of the library.  Colonel Yih Seingoh of the 1st Infantry Division commented, “We thank you for caring and supporting the army in your busy schedule and donating the library.  I am so grateful and happy that you remember the soldiers serving in the frontline.”



During the process of designation, currently active soldier Kim Jaejoong suggested the book cafe to be donated to the 1st Infantry Division to where he was trained.  He had the general outpost (GOP) in the demilitarized zone with the harshest environment in his mind**.  Fans reported they were deeply moved by his thoughtfulness and participated in the donation even more actively.

** Note:
When contacted by Herose about the book cafe project, Jaejoong (through 55th Division) said he kept thinking about the poor facilities at the 1st infantry division bootcamp where he received his training. He wants the library to be sent there.


Love Book Cafe Supplier (HanaCube)

This book cafe came out prettier than the cookie cutter types since ladies’ loving touch changed and made updates ^^.  We found out via HEROSE site that Kim Jaejoong is serving at another division but he requested the book cafe to be sent to the 1st Infantry Division.  They (Herose) do donations regularly.

You’ve donated so much items! What a wonderful fandom culture you have!




We donate this book cafe in appreciation of the soldiers of the 1st infantry Division who are sacrificing their youth to keep the peace – Kim Jaejoong Fans

Credit: HEROSE1wowtv via Naver News ; 10Asia, Hanacube
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  1. Hana Jay
    December 31, 2015

    The best artist has the best fans. Thank you so much HEROSE!. So proud of your noble effort and endless love for our JJ, PFC Kim Jaejoong! <3

  2. Anites
    December 31, 2015

    Yes, Jaejoongie has the most fierce but loving fans. He’s totally worth the dedication. Feeling happy for the 1st division soldiers !!