[Other Twitter] Yongin City Tweets About PFC Kim

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Note:  55th Infantry Division (Jaejoong’s Troop) is stationed in Yongin

[Yongin] 책 읽는 병영문화 만들기, 용인시, 성공적 #김일병님도_동참하셨을까요?yonginsiblog.kr/220558631013


Making reading part of military life! Success story in Yongin. #Did PFC Kim participate also? http://yonginsiblog.kr/220558631013

[Fan 1] 제가 생각하는 그 김일병인가여…? ㅎㅎ

Is that the PFC Kim that I’m thinking of? He he 

[Yongin] 쉿! 그 김일병님 맞아요 (속닥속닥)

“Shhhh! It’s that PFC Kim alright (hush hush)

[Fan 2] 김일병 품고 있는 용인시♡

PFC Kim is in the arms of City of Yongin ♡

[Yongin] 잘 품어드리겠슴당!

We will embrace him tightly!

Source: Yongin
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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