[PICS] 151118 Pictures with Jaejoong at Ground Forces Festival

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Collaboration between Seokyeong University and Army for Army Festival Fashion Galaa726b85bgw1ey52r1hum2j20kk0dpacw (1) d945be80jw1ey52008iolj20kk0c976l


재중님이 직접 서경대 유담관 무대패션 전공실로 오셨다능!​

착한 손, 착한 손 김재중 착한 손!!!


Jaejoong-nim himself visited Seogyeong University Stage Costume Design Room.

Good-mannered hand, Good-mannered hand, Good-mannered hand of Hero Jaejoong.  !!!

Message in the picture held by the girl with jaejoong: Thank you for protecting ROK!


Credit: cindy22 
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