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“Healing Talk to You” Motivational Speaker Kim Dae Hyun Shares A Photo With Jaejoong

군장병의 힐링과 건강한 전역을 위한 소통하는 병영문화에 일조한다는 좋은 마음이 솟는 좋은 시간을 가졌다. 아이돌 JYJ의 재중과 사진을 찍는 행운도 함께^^


Had a great time talking to soldiers about healthy army life until their discharge.  Hope this can improve the communication. I was also lucky to have an opportunity to take a photo with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong



20151113_161718 - Copy 20151113_161718




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Posts about Jaejoong in Division 55



How can a human being look that handsome? What should we do really?



Saw PFC Kim Jaejoong. Explosive handsomeness and singing ability! What can we do, Jaejoong?



Came to see my friend and saw Kim Jaejoong. Wow, even back of his head is mighty handsome!

Credit: full house cafe, ggojang65,  Kim Dae Hyun FB, mon126, Kim Jaejoong DC Gallery (DC_Jellery)
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