[FANACCOUNT] Lucky New Fan Encountered Jaejoong at a Convenience Store

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FAN ACCOUNT OF @/Han_Jae [weibo]

I’m a new fan of Kim Jae Joong. Regret loving him so late sigh… However, I think I’m the lucky one as I went to see him for 3 days! Especially on 11th October in Mungyeong!! Encountered JJ in convenience store with my friends!!!💕 the 3 days are the best memories in my lifetime🙆🙆🙆

I fell in love with JJ for just about a little bit more than a month … I have watched a movie (Postman in Heaven) and listened to few songs of 5 people before but I didn’t know much about Kim Jae Joong. I only know that he is good looking. His appearance is top in Korea.

I decided to go to the army festival on 5/10. Actually I have things to do in Seoul so I planned to go to Seoul for about 10 days in October. Just on 5/10, I don’t have schedule so I have time to see JJ~👯👯👯 just slept for 2 hrs+ and woke up at 5 something in order to take the 1st KTX train…

Wow I made it!!! thanks to my friend, I arrived at 계룡 (Geryeong) and found her easily. That day was the 4th day of the event already. Everyone has had a great time in the past 3 days🙈. JJ was happy too!!!! The temperature was low in the morning but hot at noon and afternoon. During the waiting time, I spent a good time with my friend and meet new friends kkk. Everybody thought that JJ would come out in the morning session n were so looking forward to it. Nevertheless, he didn’t appear 😫😫😫 I was so disappointed at that time. If I could not see him on that day, I thought I would cry lol… (Later on, we found out that JJ was hurt by the sunlight so he could not perform😭😭😭 the doctor suggested for him not to perform but he still sang in the afternoon session, just for his fans. Don’t wanna make us disappointed😭😭😭 ) 오빠 (Oppa) is such a nice n warm person❤️ get well soon dear ! Therefore, I listened to JaeJoong singing 3 songs at once FINALLY!!!!!!! I heard his voice🙆❤️💕 I saw him🙆❤️💕 my wish came true already! Can see him standing on the stage I’m so glad😎 since I think that this is the good chance to see JJ so I tell myself: have to come tomorrow!!!!! Can’t miss the precious chance hehe Another morning, woke up at 5 something too. Same as the previous day, take the 1st ktx from seoul…. Thanks to my friends again, grab a good seat for me😘😘😘 but this day, I wish JJ can come out earlier not like yesterday as I have to rush back to Seoul in the afternoon sigh… At around noon, heard that JJ will perform in the afternoon 😭 my heart was bleeding…. “Can’t see u today?! Oh no….” So I give up my night schedule n choose KJJ Hahahahaha The fact is, he appeared suddenly!!!!!!!! When the soldier singing “this is my only world”, I thought I knew this song as I watched a video clip that JJ has sang this song before. So I started recording. Meanwhile, people screamed!!!!!!!!!! Then I saw JJ is walking to the stage OMG!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe my eyes n my ears lol 오빠 (Oppa) is singing this is my only world omg I die…….😭😭😭 I’m so lucky can hear this song’s liveㅠㅠ later on, JJ sang the 3 songs… Somebody help me lol I enjoyed so much everyone was so high!! I thought my journey should end after the music of running in the sky ended… At about 3 pm after saying goodbye to my friends I decided to leave as I want to catch up my night activity. At this moment, do u think my trip end here?!? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought I have to go but when I was walking towards the exit, I walked past JJ n soldiers’ common room. U guess what!!!!!!! 김재중 was coming out!!!!😫 roar!!!!!!!!! The car was driving towards the stage! Which means he still have performance!!!!! Ok!! I ran back in a light speed ROAR!!!! The distance is so long lol I was tired😑 “I’m back ”–> to my friend 😪 just sat down… A big surprise was ready for us😂 JJ came out from a magic show😱😱😱 the crowd went crazy lol who knows about it🙈 and the follow song was a well known song too!!!!! “Found you”❤️We sang some lyrics together💕very warm Hahahahaha 🎵we love you🎵 finally one encore song “running in the sky” this time is really the last songㅠㅠ marks the end of these 5 days. I think every fan every soldier n JJ have an awesome memory😊😊😊

What’s more! It is still not the end😂😂😂 I decided to go to the (CISM) closing ceremony on 11/10🙈 with 5 JJ fans together, transportation was not a problem 🙆 the weather was great in the morning ☀️☀️☀️ however it keeps raining in the afternoon… Worried that JJ has to sing in the rain😔😔😔 since we wanted to get the banner of JJ n buy something so went to the convenience store. Some finished buying including me wait outside n chatting. The luck just came very suddenly 😨😨😨 one friend saw JJ !!!!!!!!! When I found him, he was entering the shop!!!!!!!!! Wearing sports suit, Adidas trousers n Nike sports shoes 😂😂😂 오빠 (Oppa) bought instant noodles for his team member(good 형 (hyung)👍👍👍) at that space at that moment at that atmosphere, I couldn’t breathe OMG OMG!!!!! How could I imagine KJJ is here!!!!! Roar!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 like used up my luck in my life lol 😱 one of my friend stood next to JJ n she realised very slowly we were like”ar ar!!!! Oppa is next to u!!! Look!!!!“ JaeJoong was shy afterwards 🙈🙈🙈 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 For the closing ceremony, is very disappointed so dun mention 😔 Lastly, 재중오빠 (Jaejoong oppa)~~ I’ll wait for you❤️❤️❤️ wait for your 2nd album💕 wait for your concerts💕 wait for a better 김재중💕 사랑해요 (Saranghae ~ I love you) 🙆🙆🙆

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@mushroomee note : I am posting on behalf Han_Jae since she doesn’t have Twitter account^^ The above is written by herself.

Credit: Han_Jae; mushroomee
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