[FANART] PFC Jaejoong Rock,Paper,Scissors + Spicy Noodles + Choco Pie

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Rock-Paper-Scissors Jaejoong Style


If Jaejoong-style proposed game (rock, paper, scissors)

Jaejoong:  Let’s play rock, paper, scissors (kai bai bo).  Whoever loses will carry everyone’s bags
Soldiers 1 & 2:  Call! (Let’s do it!)

Jaejoong:  By the way, I will make a fist (i.e. I’ll choose rock/ fist gesture)
Soldiers 1 &2:  !!?



Soldier 1: Well, I’ll also make a fist!! (Well, I’ll also choose rock)
Soldier 2: Me too, I’ll also make a fist!! (I’ll choose rock, too)


Men makes fists (Men for rocks)
Kai Bai Bo!!!! (Rock, Paper Scissors!!!!)
(Jaejoong: Paper; Soldiers 1 & 2:  Scissors) (・・?)

Jaejoong:  *crying*  ((′︿‵。) …while carrying all the bags since he lost)

Soldiers 1 & 2:  Jaejoong hyung is a really funny person…

Eating Instant Spicy Noodles:


Soldier:  Spicy~!
Jaejoong: Delicious

Craving for choco pie (FM story of YC about Jaejoong)


Jaejoong:  I have no money T_T (thinking of hard tack biscuits & choco pie)

Credit:  Kim Jaejoong DC Gallery (DC Jellery)achachapen
Translated by: @crystalmoon64, @rinmaze
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