[Other IG] 150814 Fellow Soldier Shared A Picture with Jaejoong

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제13회 지상군페스티벌 화이팅!

#군스타그램 #뮤지컬 #김재중

[TRANS] The 13th Ground Forces Festival, Hwaiting! #Musical #김재중


Info from mj0126mj: 아이돌 음악전공자 등 노래 잘하는 군인들 모여서 오디션 하고 그 중에 6명 보컬을 뽑았는데 당당히 합격한 김재중일병~!!!

Idols/music majors/good singers among soldiers who auditioned for the Festival. PFC Kim Jae Joong made the list of selected 6 vocalists!


The 13th Ground Forces Festival:

When: 2015.10.02(Fri)-2015.10.06(Tue)

Where: Chungnam Gyeryong Emergency Runway

“The Ground Forces Festival is the country’s largest military fair. It offers visitors the chance to see, hear and experience all aspects of the Army.  Special military performances and stunts are scheduled throughout the day [x].

2015 Promotional video:


Credit: ssssaac, armyfest I Translated by: @crystalmoon64

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