[Other Twitter] 150717 Soldier’s Sister Account About Handsome & Kind Jaejoong

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어머니가 국군방송때문에 동생과 행사 하는건데 같이 사진찍어줬데용 햐 진짜 잘생겼네요@.@

[TRANS] My mom did a broadcast activity with my brother for the army and Kim Jaejoong took a photo with them. Really handsome. @.@#KimJaejoong



엄마가 같이 훈련하니까 힘드실거 같다구 걱정해주시고 다 끝나고는 사진도 흔쾌히 찍어준다고 했데요 정말착했다구 다른 병사분들도 친절하고 엄마 걱정해주시고 감사해요!!어제 공연세탕이나 뛰었다고ㅋㅋ 엄마손아프다구 분도 완전 신절하시데요

엄마가 부채 받았다고 자랑..훔치고싶다@.@ 김재중분한테 부채받았대요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ엄마 막 신났어 고생하신다구 하면서 까만 접는 부채줬다구 또 입이 닳도록 부대원분들 칭찬하면서 내신랑감 찾아와야한다고…나아직 젊은데요…부채홍보대사?



He (Jaejoong) was worried about my mom because she was training with them, and he took a photo with her gladly after they were all done.  She said he was a really nice person.  Other soldiers were also kind and worried about her.  Thank you.  She had three concerts yesterday.  Her hand hurt.  I heard Lee Jinsung was also really kind. 

My mom boasts about receiving a fan from Kim Jaejoong.  I want to steal it.  She is so excited that she received a fan from Kim Jaejoong.  He gave her a black fan telling her that she must be having a hard time.  She is praising the soldiers a lot and says she needs to look for a groom for me…I’m still young…is she a fan promoter? 

The fan that Jaejoong gave:




뭔가 너무 소소해서 안쓰려고했는데 엄마가 자꾸 김재중이 비타민줬다고 말한다 지금까지 50번 들은거 같은데 쓰라는 무언의 압박이죠?? 엄마힘들다고 비타민 챙겨줬대요 친절하다 그것과 별개로 귀따갑다. ㅎ.ㅎ



source:  leedasomm I Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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