[Other IG + INFO] Jaejoong at New York Advertising Festival in Yeoju Korea

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Info on Event:

The South Korean city of Yeoju is set to host an exhibition to showcase thousands of award-winning advertisements from around the world.  The city will host more than 5,000 ads that entered this year’s New York Festivals, one of the world’s three largest programs that recognize excellence in advertising, the organizing committee of New York Festivals in Yeoju 2015 said.  Seminars and performances will be held at various venues situated along the Namhan River from July 1-3, but the exhibition will continue until July 5, organizers said.  Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, is the second Asian city ever to host the festival after Shanghai and Guangzhou did so simultaneously in 2010.

Jaejoong’s autograph:


Source: zeoni.gallery + KJJ DC Gallery + Yeonhap News +song2_song2 + rzz_u
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