[Other SNS] Non-fan Account of Prince Jaejoong at 55th Division’s Open House Event

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[TRANS of tweets by @leedasommm]

My younger brother is Jaejoong ‘s senior (Note:  although Jaejoong is older, he joined the army later). Jaejoong brought his parents to my mom and my brother to introduce them to each other at (55th division) open house event.  He (Jaejoong) is older but he is very nice. (T/N: Seems like the Army opens their base to family members and holds events periodically.)

My younger brother is Marching Band’s barber. Everyone gets the same haircut but Kim Jaejoong is simply handsome… If you stared at the mirror after looking at Kim Jaejoong the prince, you would find a squid there (T/N: squid=ugliness in Korean; A perfectly fine looking person becomes a squid if compared with Jaejoong’s looks lol).

Kim Jaejoong’s parents attended the open house event and they are said to be very kind as well. Mom said Jaejoong speaks very eloquently and gently (T/N:  FYI, her mom is the one who provided the BIGBANG letterhead for Jaejoong to sign^^)

Brother went in earlier after his break because Prince Jaejoong was still going to buy meals for the soldiers in his living quarter. Also, Kim Jaejoong unloaded a box of CDs for him to sign and distribute.

Source:  leedasom
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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